The Important Points about Shih Tzu Diet and Nutrition

If you have a Shih Tzu, you will definitely love it and want to give it the best possible care – these dogs inspire people to literally spoil them and it is easy to see why. They are spunky, sweet, and extremely well behaved when you indulge them – hence, they kind of train you to spoil them with their ingratiating behavior.

The Right Combination of Nutrients Make a Healthy and Happy Shih Tzu

All dogs are carnivorous and they should have a good amount of meat included in their diet. However, as per the standard dietary measures other components are required for a healthy and nutritious diet, i.e. the addition of fiber for proper digestion and carbohydrates for adequate energy.

Once upon the time, combining the right ingredients and giving your dog a balanced meal was a problem; but not anymore. Now, Shih Tzu care is easy as today you will find a wide variety of ready-made dog foods on the shelves of the supermarket and pet shops just waiting to be picked up and used. You do not need to know what goes into the meal anymore. All you need to know is which brand and which type of food you should buy.

You can get information about Shih Tzu diet and nutrition from your vet, from the friendly sales person at the pet shop or even from your knowledgeable friends. You will be further guided by the fact that the formulas are divided into puppy food, adult food and senior (old age) dog food.

In spite of what the right Shih Tzu care dictates, most people feed it tidbits that they themselves eat. It is not uncommon to find Shih Tzu dogs that are totally addicted to chocolates, cakes and other such delicacies. This does not mean people are ignoring the right Shih Tzu care requirements – only that they love their pets so much that they tend to treat them as children and sometimes overlook diet and nutrition.

This type of diet is not harmful; in fact, the Shih Tzu will prefer human food to dog food any day. Though not contra-indicated by the Shih Tzu care guidelines, this practice should not be encouraged as it will leave the dog with a stomach full, but lacking the required dietary inputs – such as minerals, vitamins and fiber. There are Shih Tzu health care supplements, of course – but it is always better to have them included in the meals.

Does a Shih Tzu Need Greens for a Complete Nutritious Diet?

Well, as a matter of fact – yes. Left on its own, the dog will sometimes eat grass. They do need some greens and it is good if you include some leafy vegetables in its daily diet. If you are looking for the right diet to feed your Shih Tzu, you will be happy to know that there are really no hard and fast rules applicable.

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