Some General Principles of Shih Tzu Care

Those who have decided to have a Shih Tzu dog will need to educate themselves on the general Shih Tzu care so they will be able to (i) know what they need to do when they bring this dog home, whether adult or puppy, and (ii) know whether they can manage the demands imposed by this task.

General Shih Tzu Care is Not Too Hard

Fortunately, the Shih Tzu care will not be too problematic, because the Shih Tzu breed is a healthy breed, generally speaking. It has very few serious health problems and hence, they will need very few visits to the vet in their lifetime. Kidney disease is the only major ailment that this breed is prone to. This disease is called renal dysplasia. Other possible health problems, though minor, are wheezing (due to the shape of their muzzles), and slipped kneecaps that come with old age.

More than health concerns, grooming needs to be taken into consideration. The majority of general Shih Tzu care will be centered on its grooming – particularly cleaning, combing and brushing its luxuriant long coat and its wooly undercoat. A Shih Tzu who is not groomed at least once in two days, will develop skin problems owing to matted and tangled hair, not to mention dirty.

The Shih Tzu does not need too much exercise, though it thoroughly enjoys playing outdoors. However, they need company all the time and cannot adjust to long periods of solitude. Hence, if you choose this breed, you will need to be there for this dog the majority time of the day. Here, the most important general aspect of Shih Tzu care you can give this dog is yourself and your time.

The teeth of this dog are prone to falling off, as it grows old. Hence, adequate importance should be given to this fact and veterinary doctors should be consulted to reduce the risk to the minimum possible.

The Shih Tzu loves to eat and you will find that the most common self-induced problem is obesity. It is good if you learn from the beginning to abstain from over-feeding them. They never stop eating and they have extraordinary capabilities to digest, for which you will never know when to stop feeding it; more so when you feed it tiny tidbits. Hence, you should stick to the only-meals routine as part of general Shih Tzu care, and do not allow too much snacking in between.

Generally speaking, Shih Tzu care will revolve about its grooming. As stated earlier, the only major health concern facing the Shih Tzu is renal dysplasia – hence, it is good to be well educated on this matter before getting the puppy into your midst.

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