English Bulldog Shih Tzu Mix!

This is a video of Chubs, my English Bulldog Shih Tzu mix. He’s a Bullshiht!

Duration : 0:1:14

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25 Responses to “English Bulldog Shih Tzu Mix!”

  1. TheFleurAdcock says:

    @jenn62495 No they …
    @jenn62495 No they aren’t all puppy mills but they are BYBs which there are more of them than reputable breeders. You have a mutt. How much did he cost? He has not background that you can look up so you can’t tell if he has aggression in his line or health issues that are prone to each breed so he could end up sickly when he’s 4-6yrs old.

  2. JBqwertyDAWG says:

    LOL a Bullshit
    LOL a Bullshit

  3. CHILESUDAFRICA2010 says:

    this is the biggest …
    this is the biggest bullshit ive ever seen.

  4. TheFleurAdcock says:

    @jenn62495 No …
    @jenn62495 No reputable breeder would breed two breeds to make a mutt… its called “designer dogs” which is stupid since there are tons of mutts who are amazing dogs. Its people like you who have the ignorance to buy into these scams. How much did your mutt cost you?

  5. TheFleurAdcock says:

    @bitterbug No I …
    @bitterbug No I don’t because you’re right there are children in need of a home and thats what I plan on doing. I bet you do or are planning to. But the whats worse with dogs is that they just get killed if they don’t find a home. SO you tell me which one is worse. We don’t kill off kids who can’t get a home. I’m a woman don’t call me a dick you bitch. Think you’re oh so smart.

  6. bitterbug says:

    Do …

    Do you realize you’re depriving a village of an idiot?
    We have our dogs. They’re part of our family. We’re not flooding a market with them. Do you have biological children? Do you know how many children need a home? You monster!


  7. jenn62495 says:

    Not every breeder …
    Not every breeder is a “puppy mill”. Chubs is the best dog in the world. Next dog we get will be another Bullshiht!

  8. TheFleurAdcock says:

    @bitterbug because …
    @bitterbug because you are…. do you realize HOW many homes you are taking away from shelter dogs that are already living and in need in of a home! Such ignorance!

  9. LikeColdFire says:

    Bullshit has lots …
    Bullshit has lots of fur.

  10. JoeJoe21000 says:

    oh thats bullshit!!!
    oh thats bullshit!!!

  11. bitterbug says:

    Great looking …
    Great looking little guy!
    When we bred for Jack Russel - Shih Tzu puppies I got hate mail from breeders for creating abominations.

  12. iatepie123 says:

    i want a bullshit
    i want a bullshit

  13. TheAxeNamedManuela says:

    MY favorite …
    MY favorite Bullshit.

  14. iLoveMyKittenMilo says:

    I wanna Bullshitz. …
    I wanna Bullshitz. AHAHAHA, hes adorable!

  15. NutritionKnows says:

    I love that new …
    I love that new breed name!!!!

  16. darken27 says:

    I want one. XD
    I want one. XD

  17. Testingpointer1 says:

    Bullshit funny …
    Bullshit funny breed,. hahahahha.

  18. imdakey2 says:

    bullshit lol
    bullshit lol

  19. StevenC818 says:


  20. arnieisbeast says:

    i want a bullshit
    i want a bullshit

  21. airbender640 says:

    @jordanthewizard go …
    @jordanthewizard go to a political debate

  22. Blaze189 says:

    Does he shed?
    Does he shed?

  23. farttilludieinc says:

    i didnt know …
    i didnt know bullshit could be that cute

  24. YourPowerStation says:

    Now this is bullshit
    Now this is bullshit

  25. liljames2k says:

    very very muscular …
    very very muscular body… amazing bullshit

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