Why Shih Tzu Rescue/Adoption Is a Better Option than Buying a Puppy

Here are some statistics that you may like to consider: 3.5 million of unwanted dogs are killed (however humanely) every year in the US. These dogs come from people who think they love the dogs, and then change their minds. Can you imagine 3.5 million dogs? It is incredible – but this one hundred per cent true. The number may be higher but never lower.

First of all, it is because you are making a dent however small or microscopic in the statistics stated above. You will save the life of at least one dog and the Shih Tzu that you will save will know it. You will have an exceptional pet that you have saved from sure death – and you will be surprised to notice that most of the times, the dogs know about it. Shih Tzu rescue/adoption is an excellent idea. In case you want to pursue it, you will need to find out the closest Shih Tzu rescue/adoption centre or even a mixed bag centre and visit them till you get the right dog.


The Shih Tzu rescue/adoption is not easy – there are many formalities to be completed and people are sometimes frustrated with this fact; but unless such formalities are completed, the owner might never understand what type of dog they are taking home. There is a great deal of joy in having a Shih Tzu rescue/adoption dog because of the following factors:

1. The dog will most often than not, be housetrained; the dog will be shifted from the Shih Tzu rescue/adoption shelter as soon as you are ready to have a very nice, well-trained and well-adjusted dog. The shelters usually take many pains to ensure that the dog is well behaved and highly adaptive to the new surroundings.

2. You are saving a life and this gives a great feeling of satisfaction. Everytime you look and interact with your rescued Shih Tzu you will learn to appreciate life a little more, and love your dog a little more.

3. You will have an adult Shih Tzu and need not bother about puppy-hood, which is the worst possible phase in any dog-owner relationship. The already matured adult will have no problems such as teething, chewing on the furniture, etc

4. The Shih Tzu will have been already trained in all types of treats and tricks so you will value it more. However, just a look at that tiny face which is full self-pride and attitude and you will know that all you want is to love that really sweet dog.

Nevertheless, before you go for Shih Tzu rescue/adoption, check out the top ten Shih Tzu rescue mistakes that people often make.

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