How Shih Tzu Obedience Training Can Be Achieved with Least Difficulty

Shih Tzu obedience training can be very taxing because the Shih Tzu hates to be dictated around. It actually hates to be manhandled as well. The Shih Tzu associates all training with roughness and does not take kindly to it. Unless the Shih Tzu obedience training is done with utmost care (if you do it yourself) or through a professional trainer, you will have a tough time with it.

Stubborn Animal

Never take on this job unless you are well aware what it involves. Taking Shih Tzu obedience training classes and then abandoning then mid-way and passing it to a trainer is not a good idea because your Shih Tzu will have become stubborn by then. By the way, if there is a negative trait in this dog, it is stubbornness – it would be good if you do not add fuel to the fire on this aspect.

Use a lot of positive reinforcement when you have your Shih Tzu obedience training classes. It loves eating; hence, you can have small bite sized tidbits ready for it when it is close to performing what you want it to do. Beware this is a very frustrating process which can bring out the worst in you and the dog – though hopefully, you will realize it and control yourself in time from harming the relationship. It is very important the Shih Tzu obedience training is never associated with bad feelings or you will reach nowhere with this breed.

The regular commands, such as sit, come, down, lie down, take, leave, etc the Shih Tzu will learn gradually. You need not worry about these types of commands too much. The Shih Tzu is an extremely intelligent dog – and it will “catch” what you want it to do very fast –the only pre-requisite would be to love it a lot and talk with it like it is the only thing you have left on this earth.

Royal Treatment

As long as you treat this dog as royalty and give it whatever it wants as its right – it will deign you with its attention, just as a king would deign a mere mortal rights to address it. You will need to smother it with praises and love before this dog will condescend to give you any sign of obedience.

If you think the obedience training is tough, you have not yet tried housebreaking yet. There may be nothing more demanding of patience and resourcefulness as this aspect. It is advisable to use a professional trainer to show you the basics so you potty train your Shih Tzu correctly right from the start, or allow the trainer to do the job for you.

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