Shih Tzu Dog Lacey Wishes Everyone a Very Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas from Lacey! She is so mellow in this video. Well, at least you will get a good look at her because she isn’t running around like crazy! She always seems to get a second wind after dinner. That is usually when she acts the nuttiest :)

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Duration : 0:5:53

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19 Responses to “Shih Tzu Dog Lacey Wishes Everyone a Very Merry Christmas 2010”


    LOl…Lacey is so …
    LOl…Lacey is so cute !! she is adorable and very beautiful ! nice video5* Happy New Year.

  2. sweetbrandigirl says:

    I wanted to tell …
    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your videos and seeing Lacey. I love her Christmas Bow ! May I ask did you do her top nott if so I could use help. I also would ike to ask if you known what leight your groomer cuts her coat to…like what number blade do they use ? Both my babies are still in long coats for winter ,but I like Lacey leight and am considering cutting my in the spring. Lacey doesn;’t look to into the toys did she just eat a big Christmas meal ?…LOL

  3. TheRman1999 says:

    i have one name …
    i have one name chezka she love played with small stuff toys can i ask?? how to train them to sit roll stay?

  4. SophieBaiLei says:

    Aww….she is so …
    Aww….she is so pretty. This is so unlike Lacey, but still very cute. Sophie can be putting on a show and when I get the camera and turn it on (she hears it) she acts just like Lacey in this video. It’s like Lacey is overwhelmed with so many Christmas things. Merry Christmans and (((HUGS))) from Sophie and me.

  5. lacey41908 says:

    @LeoxPomeranian Aw …
    @LeoxPomeranian Aw, thank you! She just loves those bows, LOL! Actually, they are really hard to keep in her hair. She loves to roll around and rub her head on the floor, especially right after she eats. So the bows don’t stay in too long!

  6. lacey41908 says:

    @xpeanuttax Thank …
    @xpeanuttax Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. lacey41908 says:

    @xpeanuttax Merry …
    @xpeanuttax Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Lacey!

  8. lacey41908 says:

    @AngelsOfLife101 …
    @AngelsOfLife101 Merry Christmas from Lacey!!

  9. lacey41908 says:

    @susumusa Thank …
    @susumusa Thank you so much! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  10. lacey41908 says:

    @hedonistic2008 Ah …
    @hedonistic2008 Ah yes…Lacey is quite mellow in this vid. But, you will see in the next few vids, how crazy she still is :) Nice to hear from you! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  11. lacey41908 says:

    @CakeNIceing …
    @CakeNIceing Thanks from Lacey! She loves to wear bows

  12. lacey41908 says:

    @cutespitzy Aw, …
    @cutespitzy Aw, thank you! Lots of love from Lacey!

  13. LeoxPomeranian says:

    Aw Lacey is …
    Aw Lacey is adorable! Love the cute little bow on her head! Merry Christmas :)

  14. xpeanuttax says:

    awww, she’s so cute …
    awww, she’s so cute!
    Merry Christmas :)

  15. AngelsOfLife101 says:

    merry christmas xx
    merry christmas xx

  16. susumusa says:

    Finally a vid from …
    Finally a vid from you was happy to see your name at my subscription page , Marry Christmas to Lexi, Lacey & you :)

  17. hedonistic2008 says:

    Lacey has really …
    Lacey has really mellowed. No more running around! He looks fantastic though. I like how your carpet always looks so new and spotless!
    Wishing you, your loved ones and Lacey a very Merry Christmas!

  18. CakeNIceing says:

    Aww… Lacey’s so …
    Aww… Lacey’s so cute. I love her little bow in her hair, and she has one of the most cutest faces! Merry Christmas Lacey!

  19. cutespitzy says:

    AWWWW!!! LACEY UR SUCH A CUTIE!!! I wish you a Merry Christmas too! :)

    ~ Xoxo,Yuki & Mj <3

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