An Early Christmas Surprise for Shih Tzu Dog

On November 5, 2010…Sophie had surgery to repair an extraheptic liver shunt, a liver biopsy, bladder surgery to remove stones, surgery on her left kidney to remove a large stone and several smaller ones. Unexpectedly, her gall bladder had to be removed. The surgeon saw something suspicious…thank God it was benign. If I hadn’t been such a picky mom, we would not have known this until it was possibly too late. I clean her privates after each potty and blood was on the tissue. This prompted a visit to the vet and then Sophie started passing stones, which we had analyzed. Their composition was ammonium biurate, which is uncommon for her breed. Then after a bile acid test result came back elevated, we took her to The University of Tennessee for an evaluation. A scintigraphy was performed to comfirm she did indeed have a liver shunt and a large stone in her left kidney. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. She’s been on antibiotics for a UTI and we will have her tested again soon. We pray her urinalysis comes back negative. ?

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12 Responses to “An Early Christmas Surprise for Shih Tzu Dog”

  1. SophieBaiLei says:

    @cornishmaiden …
    @cornishmaiden Thanks so much.. …your concern and love is greatly appreciated. =) Happy New Year!

  2. SophieBaiLei says:

    @lacey41908 Thanks …
    @lacey41908 Thanks for your kind comment. Sophie is doing good and we hoping and praying for a good report after the 3 month checkup. It’s amazing how tough these little dogs are. I thought for next year, I will buy Christmas fabric, wash it, and wrap Sophie’s gift in it. That way she will not get exposed to toxins in the paper. She LOVES opening the presents as much as playing with them!!! Happy New Year to you all and Lacey too!!!

  3. cornishmaiden says:

    Hope all the news …
    Hope all the news is good…. love from Harry-Beau Shih Tzu in the U.K xxxx

  4. lacey41908 says:

    Oh I am so happy to …
    Oh I am so happy to see Sophie having so much fun. She looks wonderful :) She has been through so much and you would never know it. I love her new toy, it is so cute. I tried wrapping a new toy in tissue paper for Lacey, but all she did was try to eat the paper!! Lots of love and kisses from me and Lacey! xoxoxo

  5. SophieBaiLei says:

    @Larisa5555 Thanks. …
    @Larisa5555 Thanks…she loves this dinasaur.

  6. SophieBaiLei says:

    @tzumommie You are …
    @tzumommie You are exactly right…she’s always had this assertive personality. Kristy called her Taz @ 8 weeks. She would even try to tear up her crate. We had to strap it? to the yard pen. LOL…..I wouldn’t change a thing about her though! =)

  7. Larisa5555 says:

    nice surprise!
    nice surprise!

  8. SophieBaiLei says:

    @sabellino79 Thank …
    @sabellino79 Thank you so much. That would be the best Christmas present of all!

  9. SophieBaiLei says:

    @nha4233b Aww…. …
    @nha4233b Aww….what a sweet thing for you to say. Our shih tzus make our lives and I can tell you both are great parents to Jacob. He is such a cutie. Merry Christmas to you all too and give Jacob a big hug from Sophie.

  10. nha4233b says:

    Jacob is so happy …
    Jacob is so happy to see Sophie back to her playful self. We’re happy Sophie has such caring and dedicated Shih Tzu Parents! Merry Christmas to All!

  11. sabellino79 says:

    Yay Sophie!!!!! I …
    Yay Sophie!!!!! I hope you are given the all-clear. xxxxx

  12. tzumommie says:

    it’s as big as she …
    it’s as big as she is and she needed to drag it all the way back to her bed :) ) after showing it that she was the boss! LOL ~ we love Sophie!!!

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