Shih Tzu-Riley & Jack-Steps

Riley learning to climb steps and both our boys playing around the house

Duration : 0:1:40

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7 Responses to “Shih Tzu-Riley & Jack-Steps”

  1. dyandys says:

    @maricris0603 …
    @maricris0603 adorable, isn’t it ?!!!

  2. maricris0603 says:

    my shih tzu’s butt …
    my shih tzu’s butt looks the same way when she walks down the stairs=)

  3. dyandys says:

    @xxautumnmariexx23 …
    @xxautumnmariexx23 thank you so much. we adore them !!!!!!

  4. xxautumnmariexx23 says:

    Your dogs are …
    Your dogs are adorable!!!

  5. Soad199Rs says:




  6. dyandys says:

    good guess !!
    good guess !!

  7. Soad199Rs says:

    You’re voice is so …
    You’re voice is so cool!
    Sounds like ur in a mob lmao :) cute Shih-tzu btw!!

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