Poodle Teddy Bear Clip / Dog Grooming School Demo

Poodle grooming demo of “Miniature Poodle Teddy Bear Clip” in the class of Pet Grooming School

Duration : 0:7:37

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25 Responses to “Poodle Teddy Bear Clip / Dog Grooming School Demo”

  1. Brenda0312F says:

    Wow…you are very …
    Wow…you are very talented. I have never seen a clip done free handed to this degree of perfection. How long have you been grooming? Awesome job.

  2. bookysipod says:

    my dog would NOT be …
    my dog would NOT be that calm. he would be all over the place (his a Klein Poodle which is in between miniature and standard)… but hes only a little pup. lol.

  3. loveabull88 says:

    @xena2345678 The …
    @xena2345678 The reason the dog is not on a noose is because the dog is well behaved..I only use a noose on dogs that need them..Owners need to realize that groomers do care about the dogs that they do.. but they have a job to do and need to stay safe also.. No groomer would hang a dog..It takes alot to be a groomer, no body is doing it for just the money, cuz it is no get rich quick job thats for sure.. Most dogs are not as well behaved as this one…and many owners just dont get it..

  4. BellaKoto says:


  5. VampyLuLu says:

    wow you are very …
    wow you are very good! i love animals and i’m considering becoming a dog groomer i hope i can find an instructor as good as you here in chicago ^_^

  6. tngranny1 says:

    What beautiful dog …
    What beautiful dog and a very good groomer. I have been grooming my poodles for many years and it is a wrestling match from beginning to end of cut and not a very professional look. . I must not have the majic tough. i enjoyed the video so much. It was a joy to see the little dog be so doscile. LOL Now I have a Shitz tzu in the mix and he does not like haircuts either.

  7. busafwine says:

    I do affordable dog …
    I do affordable dog and cat grooming I live in york region in thornhill
    if anyone is interested! please contact me at

  8. wolfstardoberman says:

    How do you get the …
    How do you get the poodle so poofy/fluffy? My moms toy poodle never looks like that. They insist on getting him cut really short on the body. And as I will soon be taking him in, I was just wonder what I can do to make him look better when he grows all his hair out. I really dislike that she has him cut so short.

  9. xAnukisx says:

    Wow! What a good …
    Wow! What a good dog!!

  10. by2loveable says:

    how cute….
    how cute….

  11. Mommalovesdietcoke says:

    Great hands and …
    Great hands and skills. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Mommalovesdietcoke says:

    Great hands and …
    Great hands and skills thank you for sharing!!

  13. chadthediary says:

    this is definitely …
    this is definitely a sheep Clip………

  14. suckmycod says:

    thank you for this …
    thank you for this very informative video! People like you make us dog lovers proud! Keep up the good work

  15. icypinkgirl says:

    the dog it so …
    the dog it so cute.xD

  16. sounik1 says:

    where does this …
    where does this groomer work? I hope she’s in socal.

  17. joannarys15 says:

    @xena2345678 she …
    @xena2345678 she said that shes groomed that dog since she was a puppy & thats y she doesnt use that thing

  18. moniquelabradoodle says:

    That dog is soo …
    That dog is soo cute!! It’s got a face like my Bichon!
    I was wondering, could you cut a labradoodle like that?

  19. littlelocoboy says:

    @tonihana10 hi how …
    @tonihana10 hi how much does a dog groomer earn?

  20. LaMorena9091 says:


  21. xUpperClassK9x says:

    Man that dog is so …
    Man that dog is so patient. My dog would run and figet the moment you try to cut her hair. I’m going to try this out, thanks for the demo! ^__^

  22. Leathal752 says:

    Wow your technique …
    Wow your technique with the scissors is phenomenal.

  23. hoizixbabe says:

    Wow! you have some …
    Wow! you have some patience to scissor all that lol! Awsome job! you should do a how to on a T&C

  24. britneysteve123 says:

    great clip for the …
    great clip for the winter!? with its feet not clipped it will bring in more wet and mess! barly any shape on the back leg. very little explenation on shape for this dog.

  25. BeatsonsGirl84 says:

    Great scissoring …
    Great scissoring work and Cleo is a great dog to work on. I also love how this groomer is so gentle and sweet with her; you can tell she really loves dogs. :)

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