Dog Health Food - Feed Your Dachshund the Right Food and Keep Him Healthy For Years

August 19th, 2011

Dog health food could add years to the life of your Dachshund. By making sure that your dog is not eating toxic additives they’ll have more energy and vitality.

With companies around the world looking for ways to increase their profits, you have to question if they are going to justify the expense of high quality ingredients. With many sources of cheap protein available now, who knows how it was produced, under what conditions and if it even has any real nutritional value for your dog?

With so many cases of profits being put before the health of humans, what is being done to our beloved dogs? By taking waste products from human food production and putting them in to dog food, there has been a huge increase in diet related health problems in recent years.

In 2007 over 100 different brands of dog food were recalled after contaminated ingredients caused the deaths of a number of dogs and made many more very ill. Eventually it was found to be melamine in rice protein and wheat gluten, from a factory in China. This means that there could be anything in your dog food no matter what the standards are in the US factory. Also there is very little nourishment in these grains for dogs. Usually it’s just a filler to add bulk to the food.

Recently there was a case of melamine being found in milk powder that had been produced under the much stricter human food production standards. This leads me to think that it’s only a matter of time before there’s another contaminated batch of dog food released, and I certainly don’t want to have my puppy suffer as a result of not taking action. We now need to be aware of how safe the food we are feeding to our dog is, not just if it has the right nutrition in it.

Now we have to have a look at the actual nutritional value of your dog food. More and more it’s becoming accepted practice to bulk out dog food with rice and corn proteins. These proteins are an unusable by product of the human food industry, until someone realised that they would fall under the definition of protein and could therefore be added to dog food. While plant proteins are fine, there just isn’t a lot of nutrition for a dog. Even if they were whole proteins rather than the highly processed ones that are added, a very small amount would be sufficient for a dogs diet. However, there is all to often more plant protein than animal. This isn’t going to help your Dachshund stay healthy and free of disease.

These days fish protein is being hailed as a great source of nutrients, which may be true. But, along with that protein comes a carcinogenic preservative which has also been linked to severe allergies. So be wary of fish meal in your dog food

This is just the start of what could be going into the food that your Dachshund is eating every day. By learning about dog health food you could add years of life to your best friend. If you make it yourself you will know exactly what is in your dog’s food, and best of all it’s great fun.

How would you feel if your dog died at a young age and it was completely preventable? We need to know what goes into the food that we feed our dogs and if it’s making them sick. Our dog health food newsletter is chock full of tips for healthy eating, delicious recipes and information about what really goes into commercial dog food. Click here to subscribe

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Seven Factors to Keep in Mind When Adopting a Small Dog Pet

August 17th, 2011

There are many factors that come in to play while picking the right dog for you. An adorable face isn’t the only quality you should look for. Although an adorable face does go a long way, you should also take into consideration a number of other important points. Here we have laid out a short description of each point you should take into consideration when picking that perfect addition to your family.

After familiarizing yourself with these important factors, check out our links to some of the most popular small dog pets. We have provided details for each dog in every category discussed below. Also, please remember to visit us again in the future as we are always adding new small dog pets!

Seeing that this is a small dog website you probably already have a small dog breed in mind. In that case it is just a question of how small you want to go. To fall into the small dog category a fully grown breed should generally weigh around twenty pounds and reach around fifteen inches in height. Some small dogs, such as the Chihuahua, weigh as little as six pounds, while the biggest of the small dog breeds can weigh in at around twenty-five pounds.

What you will want to take into consideration is how much weight you will be able to handle. Will you be carrying the dog with you at most times, or will you lead it on a leash? Will it sleep in the bed with you, or will you have a bed or house for it? These are questions that you will want to ask yourself.

Grooming and Maintenance

How much effort you have to put into a dogs grooming and maintenance may effect your decision picking out a small dog pet as they are all very different in this aspect. Some small dog pets may require a daily brushing regimen, while others may only require occasional coat maintenance. Some may need to have their ears, eyes, teeth, etc. checked or cleaned more regularly than others. It all depends on the breed and type of each small dog pet.

Maintenance also includes the amount of exercise the small dog pet gets. The amount of exercise a small dog gets will highly effect its overall health and well being. Some small dog pets require daily walks with plenty of romping around in an open space, while others are happy to have a short walk and play around a bit indoors. Each breed is different. Remember to keep the size of your home and property in mind while adopting a small dog pet.


This is kind of a no-brainer. Long haired breeds are in most cases going to shed more than short haired breeds. Long hair will also be more noticeable on floors and clothing. Your short haired breeds will not shed as much, but their fur will not be as noticeable once it is shed. If you don’t mind cleaning up after your pet pretty regularly and you like the look of a long haired dog, then by all means get yourself one. If you want a smooth haired pet that doesn’t require a lot of clean up then your shorter haired dogs will probably be a better fit. Also take into consideration that each particular breed, regardless of their hair length, sheds differently, so research each one so you know what you are getting yourself into.


Dander, not hair, triggers allergies. All dogs have dander. Dander are dead skin flakes that fall off the dog and get distributed on the floor, furniture, clothing, and in the air. When the dander is breathed in or makes contact with the eyes and allergic reaction can be triggered. Whether a reaction is triggered depends mostly on the allergies of each individual.

If you are allergic to dog dander then it is suggested that you research each breed in regards to the amount of dander they distribute. The smaller the dog, the less skin they will have and the less dander they will be able to produce. Also, dogs that shed less hair will most likely shed less dander, so this falls somewhat into the shedding category.

Be sure to spend a fair amount of time with the dog you have chosen before taking it home. This way you will know if any allergies are triggered by the particular small dog pet.

Temperament and Trainability

All dogs and breeds behave differently. The way a particular dog behaves usually depends heavily on how it is treated by its master, how it is trained, and what kind of environment it lives in. Whether you want a companion, a watchdog, a guard dog, a dog that is great with children, etc. will affect your decision in adopting a small dog pet.

Fortunately all small breeds can be taught commands, though some take much longer than others. If you don’t mind spending a lot of time or money training your dog then this will not be a huge factor in picking out a small dog pet. If you want a dog that will be trained very quickly then you should take this into consideration when researching each dog.

Most small dog pets are susceptible to developing “Small Dog Syndrome” if not trained and raised properly. Small dog syndrome can lead to behavioral problems such as separation anxiety and aggressive behavior.This can happen when the dog’s master is not clearly defined as the pack leader. Rules for the small dog pet must be clear and enforced. Small dog pets should not get away with behavior that a normal sized dog would not. This is avoidable with proper training.


Small dog breeds are not going to scare anyone away with their size, but their barks can work as an effective alert system if anyone comes nosing around your property. Every breed is different in their reaction to someone on their territory. Again, this will depend on personal preference. Do you want a dog that is sensitive to strangers and barks at any and everything or do you want a dog that simply growls or yips at a stranger? You’d be surprised but some small dog pets also make decent guard dogs as well!

Health Issues

Every small dog pet has a different life expectancy. Also, every small dog pet is susceptible to different health problems. Just because a small dog pet is susceptible to certain health problems does not mean that it is guaranteed to suffer them. Some health problems are avoidable through proper care, such as proper feeding and allowing the small dog pet to get plenty of exercise. Like humans, small dog pets can not avoid every health problem. Sometimes it just comes down to luck.

Ryan Ferguson is a small dog enthusiast. For more information on some of the most popular small dog pet breeds check out his website at []

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Is a 3rd generation Shih Tzu puppy of good standard?

August 17th, 2011

I am thinking of buying a Shih Tzu Puppy, but is is only of 3rd generation. It is not for show or breeding. but my partner is insistant on getting a pedigree Shih Tzu. Is this still pedigree? She wants them to have a typical Shih Tzu temperment.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by only of 3rd generation. However, if you mean you’ve only seen a 3-generation pedigree, that just means the breeder either doesn’t have the pedigree information any further back, or she’s not bothered to take it back any further, on paper. It’s quite easy, with the necessary registration details, to extend a pedigree to the more normally seen 5-generations - and I’ve taken the pedigrees of my foundation b itch and stud dog, back 10 generations, on paper.

Only seeing 3 generations on a pedigree is no indication of quality, or otherwise. Any dog, provided the information is known, has a pedigree, even a mongrel. What a mongrel won’t have, as opposed to a purebred, is a registered history going back generations, perhaps to the beginning of the breed itself.

And having registered paperwork isn’t any guarantee of quality. And as a matter of fact, neither is a pedigree that’s full of red print, much as logically it should be. In reality, quite often the brother, or sister of a multi-Champion actually produces the better offspring, especially when put to the right partner. It’s quite possible for a top winning animal never to throw as good as himself, for whatever reason - and it always takes two to tango.

So bottom line here - if the puppy has registered paperwork, it will be purebred. And the pedigree will be interesting - if only so you can check that there’s no direct inbreeding going on, which can often mean problems could arise. It’s far better to find, and buy your puppy from a known good breeder, with a reputation within the breed for producing sound healthy puppies.

My husband and i adopted a shih tzu. we bought her in Nov of 2010. we were told she was 3 almost 4. ?

August 15th, 2011

She was a rescue dog. Humane Society said she was about 4. How can I find out how old she really is and when she was born. We bought her at Petco in Orange City Florida.

The vet can give you an estimate of the dogs age from the Teeth ,unless she has any paper work or they have a history that will give an accurate age not a lot you can do .

Stop Continuous Barking With A Bark Collar

August 15th, 2011

Before describing the advantages of bark collars, we should first describe what these items are. Bark collars are worn around the dog’s neck to prevent it from barking constantly. Of course, the times when barking becomes excessive or inappropriate or both depends on many conditions including the type of neighborhood, the time of day, and the circumstances surrounding the behavior.

Electronic bark collars work through the principles of aversive training. When your dog barks continuously for at least 30 seconds, the bark collars produces a beep sound to let your dog know it should stop barking; if the dog does not stop, then it is administered a mild shock which will grow in intensity if the behavior continues. The dog must wear the collar for as long as it takes it to realize what the beep sound means and to stop when the sound begins.

Buying a Bark Collar can help you greatly. Below we’ve compiled a series of advantages of purchasing such a device:

• It can be used to train a dog in proper behavior especially at night when the neighborhood is peaceful and quiet since the people are fast asleep. Everybody in the neighborhood, including your family and yourself, will be able to get a good night’s sleep, without constantly being woken up by the dog’s insistent barking.

• The electric shocks can be adjusted based on the training needs, discipline level and size of the dog. For instance, very large dogs can be easily trained with shocks at maximum intensity, as these won’t hurt them, but merely annoy them instead, while small dogs can’t receive the same treatment; they will quiet down at less intense signals. Of course, no one can tell which level of intensity is best for their dog without testing the device first.

•Using a bark collar does not mean that your dog won’t be able to bark to let you know whether there’s someone breaking into your house. The manufacturers of bark collars realized the necessity of programming the bark collars to stop administering the shocks if the dog barks for more than 15 successive times in 30 seconds. You should then be able to respond in an appropriate manner such as looking for the source of the dog’s agitation.

•All these devices have been designed as to ensure a maximum of comfort unless the dog barks insistently. Leather is the most popular material used for these useful training devices.

If your dog is agitated and barks all the time, the a Bark Collar is the best solution you could find.

The Bark Collar is a type of dog collar used to stop your dog’s barking. It is safe and comfortable to use and does not hurt the animal. For more details on the Bark Collar, click here.

Do you think Shih Tzu dogs are cute?

August 14th, 2011

I am so curious to know why people like them, they are the most hideous things I have ever seen! Can opinions really be that different? Sorry if you have one, I’m just not a fan! Thanks!

I think they are cute. You just have to keep them trimmed so that there hair doesn’t grow out of control. Its different too when its your own dog, if it was yours you would love him and think he is the cutest thing ever, whereas other people may think ew. Its just your point of view. I think every dog is cute, they all deserve a chance.

What You Need to Know About Mixed Small Dogs

August 13th, 2011

Mixed small dogs are those with parents of a mixed heritage. They too can make very good pets if you socialize and train them at a very tender age. Most people consider mixed small dogs or mixed dogs in general to belong to the lower caste of pets. However, this should not be the case. Owners of these dogs should feel no shame in announcing that they own a mixed breed pet. In fact, they too can be very good for families, for those that live in apartments, for those that have children, for the fathers who like to jog, or even for the grandmothers who stays at home. Yes, these kinds of dogs can be the dog for you and your family.

In addition, mixed small dogs can be healthy, loyal, friendly, yappy, fearful, sickly, aggressive, gentle, easy to train, hard to train and obedient, to name but a few. In short, mixed small dogs can be anything and everything that pure bred dogs can be. Each dog should be judged individually. This means that the mixed heritage does not make him any less of a dog as compared to the pure breeds.

Having said this, it is significant to note that there are pros and cons of owning mixed small dogs. Some of the advantages include the fact that they are generally inexpensive even if purchased from a shelter. They can be obtained from a neighbor or from a newspaper and may cost next to nothing, if at all. They cost about $60- $80 when purchased from a shelter, and this may include vaccinations and general health examinations.

The problem with cheap dogs however, is the fact that they are often exposed to very poor socialization, have a poor immune system and more often than not, are a product of accidental breeding rather than carefully planned mating.

Mixed small dogs also often exhibit the worst characteristics of both parents. Some can be high-strung, neurotic, destructive, stubborn and difficult to house train.

The care and training required for mixed small dogs is the same as that for pure bred dogs. It is up to you to ensure that you train your dog well and keep him healthy because ultimately, the value of your dog lies in his health, temperament and rapport with humans.

Lee is a small dog enthusiast. He owns and maintains Small Dog Center Answers []. To learn more about Small Dogs, how to look after them, and how to be a great owner, check out this great website [].

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Should i buy or adopt a dog?

August 13th, 2011

my mom promised me that once we get a floor( we had carpet) that she would buy a dog. Well we got our floor done and were still talking about buying a dog. It may take a while till she buys one cause she other stuff to pay off and what not. I was going to get one from my uncle but his wife took mine -_-" so we basically have to buy one now. Im trying to persuade her to adopt a dog because buying one wouldn’t be right because the dogs at the stores come from puppy mills. She thinks that adopted dogs have problems since they were abused and what not. Shes watched tv shows where some adopted dogs lash out at their owners and stuff. But were trying to get a dog that is small and doesnt grow sort of like a yorkie or a shih tzu. What type of dog would you recommend and how can i persuade her to adopt one instead of buy?

Sorry for the long question XD

Not all dogs from a shelter are because they are abused, tell ur mom that there are other reasons like divorce, moving at a no pets area or mo time for the dog. Buying a dog will only add to the population of dogs but adopting will save a life of a dog in need. Adopting isnt expensive and usually includes spay neuter, vaccinations, microchip and deworming. Pet stores dont include these and sell pups for a higher price, they also dont receive enough care and pee in the cage theyre staying in at the puppy mill and at the pet store. U could also buy from a reputable breeder but its hard to tell from a healthy or unhealthy dog if unseen. Some pups die in a couple days after they are living wih the family die bexause the breeder wasnt responsible so be careful. I believe that adoption is the best option and u should get a mxed breed dog, they are full of personality and one of a kind. I own a mutt that was supposed to be euthanized so it really feels good saving a life. U could get pups, adolescents, adults or senior dogs at shelter so if u do t have time for a pup, i would recommend a young adult or adult. Good luck!!! Glad you want to adopt!!!

Kong Dog Toy

August 11th, 2011

There are different types of dog toys in the market that help dogs in a number of ways. One of the most popular toys in these modern days is the Kong dog toy and their fame rapidly grown up in the last years. The designers of this type of toy aimed the purpose to keep the dog busy on a hand and, on the other hand, to offer the dog something good to chew, in order to prevent it from masticating other things that the owner don’t want to be chewed. The vast majority of the dogs find it difficult to resist this toy and that is on the whole the point of the toy.

There are different types of these toys available in the market with different designs. Before deciding to buy, it is essential for you to consider a number of factors when purchasing these toys. First and foremost, you should consider the kind of chewer the dog is. He or she may be a gentle chewer, and this case you don’t need to look for a particular material, but if otherwise you have to make sure that the material the toys are built from is as strong and durable as possible. This way you can be always sure that your dog is safe of any risk.

The activity level of your dog pet is the next thing you carefully consider. There are some dogs that are hyper active and want to chew on everything while there are others that are very gentle and always want toys that they can cuddle with. If your dog is hyperactive then the best toy for it is the Kong Dog Toy. The hyper active dogs will consume some time and enough energy trying to understand how to open it up and how to reach at whatever it is that’s inside. If however your dog is a gentle one then it is perfectly suited for the stuffed toys that are easy to cuddle.

The size of your dog is an important thing to consider. Not only want you that your dog has fun, but also to be safe. The toys you get for your dog should not be too big or too small, but compatible with the size of the dog. If the toy is too big and cannot be carried around by the dog, it means that he will not have as much fun with it. If the toy you bought for your pet is too small then is the risk that the dog tries to chew it up and it chokes with the toy. This is why it is important to make sure that you are buying the right size of toy for the size of your dog.

Think also at the special needs your dog has. Some dogs may have physical challenges and they cannot use certain toys. Make sure that the Kong Dog Toyyou buy for your dog is fitting these special needs. This usually depends on the challenges of the dog. There are those that have sight problems and the toys that work well for them are those that enhance their sense of smell and physical abilities.

The vast majority of the dogs find it difficult to resist this toy. The Kong Dog Toy was specially designed for hyper active dogs. Dogs can perfectly accommodate with the Kong Dog Toy you settle for.

We have a rescue shih tzu - had her over 3 years - she will not drink out of a bowl -?

August 11th, 2011

Our dog will not drink out of a bowl - only off concrete floor or out of puddles in yard or out of creeks or ditches.. Any suggestions on how to get her to change without having her go thirsty for a long time hoping she will drink. Note - She was a rescue from a puppy mill (had 3 litters in 3 years) .The Humane Society took her out of this situation - We have had for 3.5 years — Wonderful lovable dog.

Haha :) that’s what I love about shelter dogs, they each have their own little quirks. dogs instincts are to drink from a running water source. Try placing her in front of the bowl and pour water in there, maybe that will trigger her instincts. Or you can even pour a little juice or something flavorful in there to try to make her drink out of there. When she does, praise her and say "good girl" and pet her.

I hope this works :)