The Facts About Bark Dog Collars For Small Dogs

Although small pets are cute and covenient, they can easily become a problem when they incurr in bad behavior, such as excessive barking at innapropriate times. To get rid of this nuisance, you would have tried pacifying your dog with dog-toys, special foods, or even comfy dog beds. Instead of inflicting any harshness on them or just waiting by their beds to keep them entertained, you can opt for the innovative small dog bark collars. These collars are great tools for training dogs so they stop barking without a reason.

Static Discharge Anti Bark Collars

These collars are designed for small and toy breeds, and they work by delivering a correcting shock whenever the dog starts to bark excessively. The shock that the dog recieves is very mild and harmless, and it’s delivered when the collar detects that the dog is barking. Being short and light-weight, they have progressive levels of the static electric shocks that are given to the dog when it starts barking. The dog discovers quickly that its needless barking triggers the annoyance which in turn reduces the frequency of its bark drastically.

Regardless of the model and brand that you get, these collars are all weather resistant and waterproof, so that if it starts to rain or your dog gets wet, the collar still functions. When the batteries don’t work anymore, you can just replace them or even recharge them in some models, and you can also adjust the level of the correction shock, according to your pet’s size and resistance. Because of this, they are cheap to operate, in addition to being effective.

Alternative Anti-Bark Collars

The success of bark collars for small dogs has resulted in the creation of other types of collars, such as the spray collar and sonic collar for small dogs. In case of sprays, a mist of liquid is propelled in the air surrounding the dog when it barks continuously. This odor is unpleasant to the dog, but harmless to both dog and owner. Just like the static shock, the spray confuses the dog and stops it from barking. In a similar way, sonic collars substitute the static shock with a high pitched sound that only dogs can hear.

In brief, this article covers some facts about bark collars designed for small breeds. It enlists the generic features of those bark collars in brief. And it also explains other options to shock collars available.

There are several models of small dog bark collars in the market. These are specially designed for the needs of small breeds. The are several types of bark collars for small dogs, such as shock, spray and sonic.

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