Bark Collars - a Smart Alternative to Giving Your Dog Away

It’s normal for your dog to bark every now and then. What’s not so normal is for your dog to bark all the time, without any apparent reason. The correction could be something attributed to the animal’s environment or to the development of a bad habit. Because some dog owners manifest their love through cuddling and petting, the dog feels encouraged to insist in its loud behavior and constantly craves for more attention. So the next time Fluffy is barking his head off while you are busy doing something else in another room, before yelling at him to be quiet, stop and take a moment to think who more than likely contributed to this undesirable behavior.

Before leaving the house you need to make sure that your dog is prepared for your absence. Be sure he or she has plenty of water, enough food (don’t go overboard here unless you want an overweight dog who eats out of loneliness or boredom, much like some humans do), and has a nice and comfortable place to just chill out where he is not able to see other pets or people. It’s possible that you encouraged him to only be happy in your presence; when you leave, he will get bored and start making a lot of noise. He has soon learned that the world revolves around him and when he finds himself “abandoned” in the empty house he becomes distraught and starts barking-did you expect differently?.

Be a good role model and realize that the actual words you use when talking with your dog mean absolutely squat to him! What does matter however is the way in which you say those words and how you say it via your body language. When your voice is gentle before leaving the house, you only make things worse for him. When you come back home, and start to cuddle him right away, he will know that he is allowed to do anything.

If you are the owner of such a spoiled dog, that barks all the time, without any obvious reason, you will be happy to find out that not all hope is lost; there are some devices called bark collars that are able to help you with the problem of the restless dog. There are many options of bark collars for energetic dogs, and you can choose the one that suits your pet best; the bark collar that uses citronella is one of the most popular anti-bark collars and it will give great results in no time. It is a safe, harmless spray that goes off in front of the dog’s nose. Some people actually enjoy the smell. Because dogs don’t like it, they will soon learn it’s better to shut up before the spray activates. There are more versions of dog collars and you can associate these devices with dog training; it isn’t necessary to give your dog away in order to have peace and quiet in your house.

Many times when a dog barks is nothing more than a natural reaction. You can choose from many models of bark collars that can train your dog into barking less. Click here to find out more on the types of bark collars available.

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