Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Temperament, Health Issues, Grooming and Living Conditions

Temperament: The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog, that is big on personality. Keeping the terrier qualities, this dog enjoys adventures and has lots of energy. This is an exceptionally brave dog and is very clever. The Yorkshire terrier is very affectionate, with their owners, and makes a great companion.

Problems can arise if the owner is not the pack leader here we see a dog that becomes aggressive towards strange dogs and small animals, and may also become yappy. The Yorkshire Terrier dog, like all dogs, needs the owner to be the leader. This dog is better with older children, that can show leadership skills and treat the dog as the dog. Small dog syndrome in Yorkshire terriers is to be avoided, as this will make the dog unhappy, and also the owner.

If the Yorkshire terrier starts to develop jealousy or becomes over demanding of human attention, then it is wise to think how you are treating the dog to put back the right balance. The Yorkie is easy to train but can be slightly stubborn, as with all terriers. This breed can be difficult to potty train. The Yorkshire terrier makes an excellent watchdog. The biggest problem Yorkies can have is if the owner thinks and treats them as a human baby, due to their size. The Yorkie is a sweet little dog, when the owner understands leadership skills that are gentle.

Although the Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog they will still require walking daily. This will help burn up their energy, as this breed has lots to burn off. Dogs that do not have daily walks are more likely to have behavioral problems. A sure sign that your Yorkie may require more walks is if they are spinning around the house as fast as a bullet. Remember this dog is trainable and simple commands such as heel when out walking are needed. This dog will enjoy a good run in a safe open area off the lead.

Health issues: Some of the Yorkshire Terrier breed are prone to slipped stifle, bronchitis, early tooth decay, delicate digestion, herniated disks, which can course paralysis. This breed can get fractures easily and eye infections can be quite common.

Grooming: Daily grooming is needed with the Yorkshire terrier, due to their silky coat. They have a topknot which is usually tied up. Family pets that are not for showing tend to have their pet coat cut shorter for manageability. Show dogs need hours of care for the show ring and this can be learnt. The Yorkie dog will benefit from daily tooth care, cleaning these from an early age will help your pet to know that it is part of the routine.

Living conditions: The Yorkshire terrier is good for apartment life, although this is an active indoor dog, providing they have good daily walks they can manage without a garden.

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