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  • How to Avoid Making the Top Ten Shih Tzu Rescue Mistakes

    When you opt for a rescue dog, you are also saving a life. This is a wonderful thing to do and which should be encouraged in all totality. However, there are a few mistakes that people make when going for Shih Tzu rescue or adoption.

    There is No Mistake That You Are Saving a Life

    1. Expecting too much it is true that rescuing a Shih Tzu is a wonderful thing to do. There are so many of these wonderful dogs languishing in shelter homes waiting desperately to be loved that it is a pity not to use this opportunity. However, do not expect that the dog that you bring home from the shelter would be exactly matched to your home. You will need to work with it and adjustment time should be kept in mind.

    2. Instant friendship The Shih Tzu rescue center may help you in bonding with the dog. However, it will take some time before this dog feels like it is yours in totality.

    3. Well trained it is wrong to expect that all the Shih Tzu rescue dogs are perfectly trained and will give you no trouble. In fact, these dogs are quite traumatized and when so, animals could behave very odd. While the basics will be there, it will be sometime before everything falls into place.

    4. You see what you get Not always. The dog might be looking okay, but may carry with it memories of a terrible past, which may make it react in very peculiar manner when faced with certain triggers.

    5. The Shih Tzu rescue animals are always housebroken yes, indeed. However, often the sight and feel of a new house may disorient the Shih Tzu into relieving itself wherever it finds suitable.

    6. The older the Shih Tzu rescue dog the more problems you will have. Not necessarily. There would be wonderful senior dogs that would have mellowed with time and would be too grateful to you for all the comfort and love you would provide it.

    7. Adult Shih Tzu rescue dogs are easier to train true. However, do not forget that these dogs have been at one time or other abandoned. The Shih Tzu being the sentimental dog it is, might loose its trust in humans altogether after this.

    8. Adult Shih Tzu rescue will behave responsibly true. However, once again it all goes to the past. You may discover that your dog has some very peculiar habits that you do not approve of.

    9. The adult Shih Tzu is a very docile dog true. However, in order to behave at its best, it needs the best circumstances as well. The trauma of being in a shelter, being abandoned, might make a little more aggressive that its original nature would permit.

    10. Cannot find good breed dog in a rescue - there are many dogs, which are of mixed parentage, true. Nevertheless, there are also a good number of pure breeds with papers that will be found in the rescue/ adoption shelters.

    Once you know the top ten mistakes made in Shih Tzu rescue, you can make efforts to avoid them. Once you do decide on adoption, you should know what to expect from a Shih Tzu rescue dog.

    Attention: To discover how YOU can have the Happiest, Healthiest and Best Behaved Shih Tzu, get a copy of this Shih Tzu Guide NOW!


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