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  • Pet Parents should be Aware of Shih Tzu Health Concerns

    The Shih Tzu is generally a healthy breed with no such major health concerns. This breed, if it is not mixed is pretty tough and vigorous. Since, it is tiny and has an almost overwhelming coat; one will need to take care to see that this dog is not hurt in its day-to-day romping.

    Ensure Shih Tzu Health with Periodic Check Ups


    Since the eyes are large and sometimes protruding, they are especially susceptible to injury. You should always take care that the eyes are kept clean (check them carefully daily) and the hair is kept outside the eyes. Sometimes, the eyelashes turn inside and disturb the dogís eye very much. A periodic health check could help manage these tiny health concerns facing the Shih Tzu.


    Since the Shih Tzu has lovely long flapped ears, it is necessary to keep a very close watch, since it can become a great home for parasites and yeast infections. If the dog shakes its head too often for no apparent reason, then you should take it to a good vet in no time Ė it may be it has something embedded there, or there could be an infection.


    The Shih Tzuís respiratory canal can cause some problem or the other which can raise red flags in snoring, snorting or wheezing. However, as long as your Shih Tzu health is periodically checked and it gets a clean bill of health, you should not worry excessively.


    The Shih Tzu cannot bear too much heat and or cold; they could easily die if they are left outside on their own in extreme climate. A good tip is that you should never leave your Shih Tzu care puppy in the care for anyone who is not experienced, whatever reason whatsoever.


    The shape of their muzzle leaves the teeth open for a good deal of problems. The standard Shih Tzu care will demand that their teeth are brushed at least twice a week for as long as they live.
    Congenital Health diseases

    The most common congenital defects that could be a health concern facing the Shih Tzu are, PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), knee joint dysfunction (Luxurianting Patela) and Juvenile Renal dysplasia, which sometimes can be fatal. These diseases are best treated when discovered very early. Hence knowing how to choose a vet for your Shih Tzu is crucial.

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