Understanding How a Magnetic Cat Door Works

Most people think that a magnetic cat door works only on batteries or electrical current, but most don’t, which means that they are unaffected by power failures or blackouts. This is a great feature of these doors because the pet can be left alone and the owner will not have to worry about the cat being locked in or out of the house because of a power failure or battery failure.

Understanding Magnetic Doors

The magnetic pet door responds to a small magnet that is attached to a collar worn around the cat’s neck or to keys worn on the cat’s collar. When this magnet is close to the door due to the approach of the cat, the door opens. The system thus allows the cat to come and go as it pleases while the door is locked when the cat is away.

The idea behind this concept is to give freedom of movement to the cat, who can them come and go without the need of the owner to interrupt his or her activities just to open the door or a window for the pet.

Offers Security

The magnetic cat door is safe and secure for pets to use because the door automatically locks after the cat passes through the door and only opens when activated by the magnetic collar around the cat’s neck. This means that if your cat is chased by another animal, like a feroucious dog, the door will keep other animals from following your cat inside the house. Plus it will protect against theft because a person will not be able to slip through the locked door either.

Some magnetic cat doors even have some extra features that will allow you to modify how and when access is granted. Magnetic cat doors aren’t really harder to install than regular cat doors.

A magnetic pet door is not only resistant to water and any type of weather, but it’s also tight enough that it won’t let water get inside the house. They are recommended for cats six to nine months of age, but are not recommended for kittens.


They generally cost about $50. But some fancy models can cost up to $100. Custom made models are also available, but they cost more.

If you have a cat, installing a magnetic cat door is a very good idea. This way, there’s no need to open the door or a window every time the cat goes in or out. Oh, and amagnetic pet door will ONLY open for your cat.

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