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    Looking For The Best Dog Training Collar?


    May people believe that the best dog training collar is the electronic one. That's because trainiers and owners have seen results when using them with their animals. The dogs' response may seem pained to some but in reality the pain is more of a surprise to the dog than anything.

    How The Collar Works

    The electronic collar is a ready made conventional collar with a device attached to it. The collar is then worn by the dog, and it's where small deliveries of static electric will be delivered. The package comes with a set of instructions that will teach the users exactly how to use the collar on their dogs.

    Owners should make sure that the collar is well positioned when worn by the dog, so that the device is placed next to the throat of the dog. Doing this ensures that the device can sense the rumble from the dog's throat as it barks and is thought that the dog would then react appropriately. The small electric shock that the collar emits when the dog barks, actually surprises the dog into quietness and the pain is not far from a sharp pinch or spank from its owner.

    This surprising factor that confuses dogs into silence is the main reason why some trainers consider this as the best dog training collar. It is important to stress that the dog is actually not harmed in a cruel way when it receives the slight shock from the device around its neck.

    Another advantage of this type of collar, is that it won't make a difference where the dog is or who or what the dog's barking at, since the collar is always there to remind the animal to control its barking. There are other options used to teach dogs to control their barking at night or when guests arrive to the house, however, they might require the dog to be within a certain range, or an owner to press a button in a control when the dog barks, which would mean a constant supervising of the pet.

    According to several dog trainers, the best dog training collar is the electronic one. Despite what some people think, the collar is not painful in any way. It's efficiency and ethical treatment of dogs make it the best dog training collar.

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