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  •    Home » Articles » DogTrainingCollars » Training Made Easy With The ADV-300

    Training Made Easy With The ADV-300


    ADV-300 is one of the safest dog collars designed for short range operation when training dogs. The collar is very efficient when it comes to eliminating bad behavior, such as barking at guests or disobeying orders that the dog has already learned. With a range of up to 300 yards, the collar comes equipped with an LCD display for readings of status and other useful information.

    The collar has a tone fuctionality that is efficient in different parts of training, such as learning and enforcing. This entry level collar can be operated remotely and works based on 7 progressive simulation levels.

    Activated by radio signals emitted by the transmitter, the receiver responds by offering electrical correction stimulus to the pet through the probes that are in contact with the skin on the dogs' neck. %LINK 2% is the perfect collar for hunters and farmers what need to take their dogs with them in large areas, but don't want to restrain them with a leash.

    The ADV-300 comes fully equipped with a remote control, a collar with a receiver, batteries, two probes, a wrench, and a test light. The whole system is powered by batteries, and the remote controller is perfectly in sync with the collar, so as to avoid ambiguity in training.

    The operational guide that accompanies every ADV-300 proves to be utile in getting the pet trained with ease. The collar is designed to resist both rough treatment and exposure to water.

    Tips for Successful Training with ADV-300

    Training with the ADV-300 should be introduced gradually in the dog's normal training sessions. Otherwise, the pet might get too frustrated or scared with the new method of training. Also, initial training sessions shouldn't go over 10 minutes and then the dog should be allowed to rest. The correction with the collar should be accompanied by a verbal command, so that the dog slowly associates them. Finally, good behavior should be rewarded so that the dog feels motivated to repeat it.

    The ADV-300 is one of the most advanced dog training collars there are It's perfect for taking dogs to large open spaces without a leash. With some proper training with the Innotek's ADV-300, your dog will learn to recongnize verbal commands.

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