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    Dog Training Supplies To Suit The Shih Tzu


    For many dog owners, training their pets means teaching them to use an outside bathroom, not to chew up the furnishings and not to jump up on every person who walks in the door. Many forget there are other jobs dogs can do and specialty dog training supplies may be needed. For example, a good hunting dog may be born from a family of hunting dogs, but they will still need appropriate training to learn what the human half of the hunting team expects from them.

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    Even the best breeding cannot prepare a dog not to jump at the sight and sound of a sudden flushing of a bird from hiding. Quail and chukars are used with funnels made for pointing the birds flight in a specific direction. The funnels, considered dog training supplies, are also used to recall the training birds into their cages or hutches to be used over again. Chukars, a member of the pheasant family are better thought of as training birds since they flush faster and louder than quail.

    For those who do not like using live birds with their dog training supplies, bird launchers can boost artificial birds in a sudden fashion, similar to a real bird being launched from the brush. Some use a manual launch mechanism while others can be activated by remote control with a few available for up to eight separate launch controls.

    Not All Dog Training Supplies Used For Hunting

    For those who do not use a dog for hunting, dog training supplies can be useful for teaching limits of confinement without the need to erect an unsightly fence around their property. A special receiving collar can be worn by the dog with an underground electric fence that gives the animal a small electrical shock if they attempt to pass the line.

    It does not take long for the animal to understand where the limitations are and once it has remembered the boundary, the fencing can be turned off. The dog will most likely not attempt to cross the line fearing a repeat of the jolt from previous attempts. Another of the collar related dog training supplies is used to control barking and as the dog learns that a bark causes a shock, will be hesitant to bark.

    A similar system exists which enables the user to apply a shock by remote control to help training for behavior modification. For example, confined to the yard the dog attempts to dig up a flower bed. A short push of the remote control will remind the dog that behavior is unacceptable and helps train the animal to leave the flowers alone.


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