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    A Dog Kennel Shade Cover For Your Shih Tzu


    In the summertime, the living may be easy for you and me, but if you donít have a dog kennel shade cover, the living is anything but easy for Fido.

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    Thankfully, finding and installing a dog kennel shade cover is a simple process, and even a basic dog kennel shade cover will provide the protection your pet needs at a price you can afford.

    First, every kennel that you have needs a dog kennel shade cover. The shade cover not only protects your pet and helps keep them cool in the hotter months, but it also protects your pet when the weather turns bad. Rain and snow can be harmful if your pet is exposed for long or severe periods, so finding the right dog kennel shade cover is essential to ensuring your pet remains healthy in his or her home.

    Donít Skimp on the Shade Cover

    Many people choose to simply install a tarp over their dog kennel and think that this acts as a good dog cover. While a tarp can keep the sun out, it is usually not of high enough standards to hold up under the nasty weather and will let rain and snow in, and also wonít deflect the sunlight.

    Instead of using a tarp, spend a few extra bucks to get a dog kennel shade cover that is slanted, and can be placed over the kennel and then easily secured. The slanting on your shade cover ensures all rainwater, snow, and melting snow will fall to the ground and not pool on top, preventing collapse or a flooded kennel.

    Make sure to properly secure the dog kennel shade cover before you put your dog in the kennel for an extended period of time. In high winds, the cover could blow away, leaving your dog exposed to the elements and again letting the rain, sleet, or snow in.

    Dog kennel shade covers are essential for the health of your pet. You can find covers of varying sizes, and most can be installed after you have already setup the kennel in your yard. Most kennel systems will come with a shade cover in the setup package, or a dog kennel shade cover will cost you a little bit extra. In the end, its better to pay the costs upfront and make sure your dog has a happy and healthy home in his or her kennel and not have to deal with inclement weather.


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