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  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » The Deal With An Electronic Dog Fence

    The Deal With An Electronic Dog Fence


    Pet owners have the responsibility to keep their pets safe. In the case of dogs, owners take them to the veterinarian, brush their hair, take care of their teeth, get them proper collars, and in some cases, even get a fence installed to keep them from danger.

    However, some dog owners hesitate when it comes to getting an electric dog fence for their dogs. They often wonder if they're painful to their pets. To really decide if an electronic dog fence is right for your pet, you have to look at the pros and cons.

    First of all, you need to understand how an electric dog fence works; which is by buring a wire across the desired perimeter of the fence. Then, a receiver is built into a dog’s collar so that when it attempts to walk outside the perimeter, a mild shock is applied to stop them.

    One of the advantages of an electronic dog fence is that it doesn't block the view or rots away, like other types of fences do. In addition, if you live in an area where there are special building or zoning laws, you won't have problems since you're just burying, not building. So, you can keep your pet safe and inside your property without building or constructing an actual fence.

    The cons list is more extensive. While an electronic fence will not let your dog go out, other dogs can come in perfectly. They add a lot of security to a home, regardless of their actual type. There are some fences that actually improve the look of certain houses. Electric dog fences can be overcome if the shock is too mild for your dog to mind it, or if it's too excited by its "prey" to even notice the shock. In addition, your dog might be "locked out," since crossing the perimeter back will again shock it.

    An electric dog fence is a good idea for keeping your dog inside. Unlike other fences, it doesn't block the way or view of your yard. However, if your dog manages to get to the other side of the electronic dog fence, it'll have problems coming back.

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