Making Your Dog’s and Your Life Easier With a Spray Bark Collar

Amidst the existing controversies regarding the usage of shock and sonic bark collars on pets, the choice of spray bark collars prove to be innovative and effective among many of the pet owners today. However, before you buy an anti bark spray collar, you should really understand the difference between the different models, specially between old models and new ones.

The spray bark collar

Dog Owners that have pets that bark more than they would like to can use the anti bark spray collar as a good, effective, and humane solution to the problem. This anti bark collar senses the vibrations and the sound of the dog’s bark and spurts out citronella spray/natural lemon spray around the vicinity of the dog’s face. The spray catches the dog off guard because the dog can see it, smell it, feel it, and hear it. Due to the strong scent of the spray, the dog gets distracted and tranquilized since he starts to understand that the spray starts working on its incessant barking or bad behavior.

The two most popular brands of spray bark collars are Innotek and PetSafe. As mentioned, it pays to take a bit of time to understand the differences between the different models that are available to the public. There are a few factors to consider, for example, your dog’s size and personality, as well as the collar’s size, weight, form, range, resistance, and look.

When you compare the several features of the several models available with what you think your dog needs, you’ll get a much better collar for your money.

Advantages of the spray bark collar

The spray collars are considered the most humane of the training collars, specially when compared with other types of collars, such as the shock collar or the sonic collar. Research conducted at the Mesa Veterinary Hospital (Moffat), Arizona in 2003 testifies that the spray bark collars are relatively very effective when compared to the scentless collars.

This article was meant to let you know a bit more about the principle behind the spray bark collar. There was also some insight on the factors that you should consider when getting a spray collar. Finally, it talks about a study that backs the efficiency of the spray collar.

The spray bark collar is a good alternative to other types of training collars. Unlike the shock collar, there’s no controversy attached to it. Finally, the anti bark spray collarcan be bought online or in a pet store.

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