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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Treat Yourself And Your Pet A Bark Control Collar

    Treat Yourself And Your Pet A Bark Control Collar


    If you've wondered how you can reduce your best friend's barking at inconvenient times, wonder no more; our PBC-102 will solve the situation and make nights and guests visits quiet and comfortable again. The collar works by detecting the vibrations caused by your dog's barking, and this triggers a static shock that adjusts itself in the most appropriate of six available levels. The PBC-102 comes with a protection shield that will keep the collar from being activated by other sounds or noises that aren't your dog's barking.

    This bark control collar is reset to the lowest correction level when the dog does not bark for a consecutive period of 30 seconds. Being waterproof, the pbc-102 collar proves to be durable and long lasting. Other nice features include an RFA-67 battery that can be easily replaced once it's out of power, and a guide that will tell you both how to operate the collar and how to use it to train your dog.

    This battery is guaranteed to last at least 6 months by Innotek. There's a battery level indicator integrated on the collar that will let you know when you need to get a new battery. The limited lifetime warranty is yet another noteworthy feature that comes with the purchase of this type of collar.

    The collar is ready to use as soon as you get it; there's no need to program it, set it, arm it, or prepare it in any way, making it easy for anyone to use it, regardless of any previous training knowledge (or lack of it).

    Pros of The bark control collar

    Due to its design, the collar's six levels of automatic correction can reduce extreme barking on any type of dog breed. The collar is also resistant to water from rain or bad weather. Even people without previous experience with dogs can use this collar, since it comes ready to use. It's even protected against exterior sounds and noises, so it doesn't punish your dog accidentally.

    Our PBC-102 is a guaranteed way to reduce barking. It comes ready to use, so you don't need to prepare it or set it. The bark control collar has a limited lifetime guarantee too.

    News Flash  Mar, 23 2010

    Pet Dog Partially Severs Woman's Arm (Sydney Morning Herald)

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