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Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Affectionate, Energetic, and loyal are just a few of the best ways to describe a Shih Tzu. However some common misconceptions about them are that they are arrogant, yuppie, and demanding. But in reality they are just like any other four-legged fury friend, there temperament will greatly depend mostly upon how you raise them.

A Shih Tzu, also known as a Chinese lion dog or a chrysanthemum, is a small bread measuring from 8 to 11inches and weighing anywhere from 9 to 16 pounds. Originally from China, they are famous for their long silky hair with a soft double-coat. With there short muzzles and large dark eyes its no wonder they are popular all over the world. Traditionally there coat of fur reaches the ground requiring daily brushing to prevent tangles.

A very intelligent and capable student your Shih Tzu will be quick on his way to being a well behaved family friend with these easy to follow Shih Tzu training tips.

When it comes to potty training this breed, It can prove to be both time consuming and difficult. Some good news is that if you stick to a solid and consistent potty training plan/schedule you will achieve quick results.

Some key things for your potty training plan are:
-Only allow him 15-20 minutes to eat his food then take it away. Do this at consistently scheduled intervals a few times a day.
-Take your dog out to do his business 15-20 minutes after eating or drinking
-Take him out immediately upon waking up and before bedtime
-Take him out consistently every 2 hours through the day

When potty training your Shih Tzu it is always best to take them to the same spot to do there business. This associates them with where they should do there business because they can smell their scent there.

Remember if your dog accidentally uses the living room, DO NOT attempt to scold him or rub his nose in his own mess. Physical punishment will only make things more difficult. Training your pet is based on reward for accomplishment not discipline for misunderstood commands.

When it comes to obedience training, train your dog the basic commands, such as sit, stay, and come, which are the building blocks to more complicated training and will also develop a nice relationship between you and your pet.

Always use positive reinforcement. This will increase the chance for your dog to behave in a similar manor again. It consists of loving praises, pats, and even treats. But Remember, when giving your pets treats to only show and give your pet a treat upon completion of a command. If you show your pet the treat before it is like bribing him to do what you want, and your goal is not to have him do a command for a reward but to have him do it because he loves you.

Here are some not only Shih Tzu training tips, but some general dog training tips that all dog owners should know and follow.

-There is nothing wrong with telling your dog “No”, except its just sometimes not enough information for them. Telling them a basic command like “Sit”, is much less confusing letting them know exactly what you want.(for example if he’s jumping on you)

-Begin your commands with your dogs name to get his attention.

-Stick to single word commands

-Always praise your dog for proper completion; never scold him for misunderstood commands.

-Be consistent with your commands. Nothing makes things harder than being inconsistent.

-Your dogs Health and diet directly relates to his energy levels, mood, happiness, and willingness to happily participate in training sections.

-Training sessions should be short but regular no less than 15minutes and no more than 30minutes at a time, a few times a day.

All in all if you implement these tips into a healthy happy training environment you should notice your dog being the happy loving pet that everyone knows and loves.

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Revel in Learning All about the Shih Tzu

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The dogs of the Shih Tzu breed are small sized, just from 8 inches up to 11 inches in height and weigh from 9 pounds up to 16 pounds. The Shih Tzu appear to be extremely beautiful dogs. The coat of this breeds’ dogs is double: on the inside they wear a soft and wooly fur protected on the outside by a long-haired, luxuriant coat. Because the lenght of the hair on their heads, that could cover their eyes, the owners must comb it into a top knot.

The Shih Tzu or the Small Lion (the Chinese meaning of its name), as it is popularly known, originates from Tibet. Because they were secretly breeded at a monastry in Tibet, there are no available information, at least in english, about this breed’s origins and ancestors or about its’ history in the tibetan mountains, the first known documents mentioning only they were the favorite pets of the Manchu Dynasty Emperors of China, where the breed flourished around the 19th century. They reached China as gifts from Tibetan monks to the emperors of that time. Due to the fact their were resembling to little lions because of their long-haired luxuriant brown coat, these dogs were named by chinese the Tibetan Shih Tzu, meaning in english the Tibetan Lions. At the end of the World War II, these dogs were brought to the United States by American soldiers, via the Great Britain, where the breed had been imported around 1930. Beeing so beautiful and having a friendly attitude, these dogs were instantly accepted by both En glish and American people.

What Do People Love about the Shih Tzu?

The Shih Tzu dogs are popular all over the world. They love to be with people and around people. When they were left alone for a too long time, they can become cranky or act distructively. They are dogs to go along with everybody, either people or animals, and their temperament is calm and sweet. However, adults need to supervise small children when playing with these dogs in order that neither of them to be harmed.

The Shih Tzu puppies and adult dogs need a lot of grooming since it has two coats of hair - one short undercoat and one sweepingly long. The hair has to be combed daily to keep it from tangling and matting. Though they need frequent baths, they must not be exposed to humid environment as they can fall easily sick. Their teeth need special attention since they have a tendency of falling when the dog crosses into middle age (9 years old and onwards).

They breathe with a wheezing sound and snor loudly because of theirs’ short and flat faces. Shih Tzu dogs tend to get obese so owners must not overfeed them. Owners should not spoil them because they won’t listen to him anymore.

The Shih Tzu breed is basically stubborn and hence they could be difficult to train. It is hard to train them at home. Patience and not harshness makes efficient training.

As indoor dogs, they don’t need more than an apartment to live. And there is no need of much exercise. But as many possible games, both into the house and outdoors. In order to understand this breed better, you will need to know as much about the Shih Tzu as possible. A good place to then start is with the history and origin of the Shih Tzu.

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The Shih Tzu breed originates in Tibet, but was first documented at the Imperial Court in China, in the 19th century, during the Manchu Dynasty. They are small dogs, up to 11 inches in height and 16 pounds in weight and have two coats, one long-haired luxuriant coat covering the soft and wooly fur. Shih Tzu are indoors dogs, they can be hold in apartments and need little outdoors exercise, but a lot of game playing.

Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale - It’s Cheaper to Adopt and Easier to Take Care of an Adult Shih Tzu

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Just because you want Shih Tzu at home means you should get puppies and raise them yourself. Owning, taking care of, and maintaining a healthy and adorable Shih Tzu should not be an impulse decision - suppose you adored a friend’s trained and friendly Shih Tzu, does that mean you can raise one yourself?

Your house, for starters, must be rearranged a bit to accomodate Shih Tzu puppies. You need an area where you can confine your puppies since they can and will relieve themselves whenever they feel like it. One Shih Tzu puppy to house-train is already a challenge, because punishing it may only lead to do what you don’t want it to do; the pup could also shut down and become less sociable when punished. You need to build a home and schedule that will encourage a Shih Tzu to poop and pee as scheduled and where designated. If you’re raising several pups at once, that’s even more of a challenge. Here’s something not everyone has the patience for, or that one’s busy schedule may not allow - you need to groom your Shih Tzu everyday, if not some health problems may ensue.

If you didn’t know, there are benefits to choosing adult dogs to puppies - in case you may be unsure if a puppy is what you want. One is that it may already have been house-trained and had completed several inoculations and deworming sessions. Also, you will be briefed by the animal shelter staff, should you adopt an adult dog from them, about the personality quirks, behavioral problems, preferences, antics, and health problems of the dog you may want to adopt.

Adopting from a shelter means that the shelter’s staff can take in another dog that has been orphaned or abandoned. Even if you’re attached to a particular breed, it’s still possible to find that when you look up animal shelters.

Since most shelters and rescues take in as many abandoned dogs as they can, you might not be able to find the specific breed you’re looking for. Reputable Shih Tzu breeders are what you want to find and interview, if you are attached to a specific breed. If you want to raise a new Shih Tzu of a particular kind, a breeder is also your best bet. Still, you might get lucky with a shelter, you’ll never know. If money may become an issue, consider that adopting is practically free compared to buying from a breeder.

So then, when you’re hit by doggy cuteness overload and want to look for Shih Tzu puppies for sale, consider the foregoing take on this major pet-raising decision. Are you sure your home situation (living alone, with family, with kids?), your finances (are you well off?), and your work-schedule (who will take care of your puppies when you’re away on full-time work?) can accomodate the needs of these pups.

If, upon careful thought, you gauge that you’re ready, then by all means look up breeders and inquire about their Shih Tzu puppies for sale.  

Searching for Shih Tzu puppies for sale means you want to raise this breed by yourself, from pup to adulthood. For a healthy relationship to take place, dog breeds tend to match or blend well with their owners’ personalities, lifestyle, and finances; so choosing a Shih Tzu means you presumably have the time, devotion, and purse-power to take good care and groom this breed. You just need to decide how to acquire Shih Tzu puppies for sale - you can get good pups by getting in touch with a reputable breeder, one that’s a member of breeding circles; or you might get lucky and adopt a litter from an animal shelter or rescue.

Keeping Your Shih Tzu’s Coat Beautiful

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

One of the things most admired about Shih Tzu is their beautiful coat. That long flowing human like hair! But keeping their coats beautiful does require some effort. That is why many owners choose to keep the coat cut short. And unless you plan to show your Shih Tzu a short cut is perfectly acceptable.

To minimize the risk of tangles and mats a Shih Tzu should be brushed daily. Any pet shop will have a great variety of dog brushes to choose from, including slicker brushes and soft dog brushes. A very young puppy should be handled daily by the breeder. This includes massaging the feet and face, as well as rubbing the belly.

The permanent dog parents should brush their new puppy from day one, even if his coat does not really need it at the time. This will help the puppy become accustomed to the brushing and he will in fact, come to enjoy this time. Other benefits of this daily routine include the fact that it is a great way to bond with your pet and at the same time you are doing something productive. It is also an ideal time to inspect your pet for any parasites or signs of illness.

If you find tangles or mats carefully spread them apart with your fingers before attempting to brush them out. There are detangling products available to make this task easier. Another option is to mix a small amount of conditioner with water in a spray bottle and mist your pet as you brush. Use about 1/10 conditioner to 9/10 water mixture.

Besides daily brushing proper grooming of your Shih Tzu will include regular bathing. Depending on the age and size of your Shih Tzu, you may find that the use of the kitchen sink works better than the bathtub. Always use a shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for dogs. Once again, a trip to your local pet shop will provide you with lots of choices.

When bathing your pet be sure to make the experience enjoyable for him. Talk soothingly and massage his body as you wash. Use caution not to do too much rubbing or you may find that you actually cause tangling and matting.

You will need to either trim the hair around the eyes or use small rubber bands (orthodontic type) to pull the hair up away from the eyes. Hair in the eyes not only obstructs the vision of the Shih Tzu, but it can also result in an eye infection.

Shih Tzu are special dogs and require unique care in a lot of ways. If you own or are considering adding a Shih Tzu to your family you will want to learn the details of how to properly care for your little Fur-baby. You can find all the information you need by Clicking Here!

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Shih Tzu Rescue - Open Your Heart and Home to an Adopted Dog

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

With its beautiful coat, its bratty charm, and the way it holds itself, the Shih Tzu has been regarded by many as a regal pet. The furry coating they wear makes them so soft to touch and unimaginable great to hug. Even people who don’t have a dog of this breed may not be able to hide their astonishment at how wonderful it is. The allure has a lot to do with the beautiful coating you can brush all day, put little accessories on, and show off - this breed has been called a purse dog, owing to its carry-around size.

When you’ve not been exposed much to this breed, you may want to reconsider getting another one, as this is not the usual big or medium sized dog that can handle rowdy play and being left alone. If you have kids, you should inform them that handling this breed may involve less rowdiness reserved for bigger dogs - a Shih Tzu is not a stuffed toy. If it’s your first time to own and house-train a dog of this breed, you may discover on your own just how hard it is to force, by punishment over time, a Shih Tzu to do your bidding - you need to create an environment where it will be allured into doing what you want it to do. But it would stay in your lap all day, and that’s actually a plus in the small companion dog department.

Despite these features, from the soft look of that dog that melts many hearts, to the lush coat you want to comb all day and hug, many dogs of this breed end up in a Shih Tzu rescue. These animals are orphaned in many ways - their owners leave them behind when they move out, or are given to friends, and some are simply found wandering the streets hungry and cold.

What you will find in a Shih Tzu rescue are mostly adult dogs of this breed, but there are also some puppies. There are consequences to what you decide to do, either way - adopt an adult dog from a shelter and help the shelter allow more dogs to benefit from its resources, or buy from a Shih Tzu breeder to get the breed and genuine bloodline you require.

There is a lot of money to be made in selling puppies designed for whimsical owners with cash - but instead the shelter’s staff are providing a halfway house for these abandoned dogs, some of them injured and traumatized. Some shelters are also forced to put down some dogs owing to the limited resources they have. When you adopt from a rescue, you make room for other dogs to use the facility to recuperate from being abandoned, emotionally and physically. Let your home be the place they can recover, and your company be the nurturing one an orphaned dog needs.

Because shelters have a cap on their resources, one way to augment their capacity to take in and take care of orphaned dogs is to enlist the help of foster homes - the dogs live in these homes until they can find a good owner. Be sure to talk to the staff, as they may have good tips on taking care of this breed - that’s enormous help in case you’re new to this breed (as many first time owners are used to bigger dogs).

Choosing to adopt from a Shih Tzu rescue rescue is a good decision. Hundreds of dogs get abandoned or orphaned each year, and animal shelter only have limited resources. Adopting an adult dog from a Shih Tzu rescue rescue means you’re providing a good home for these dogs, and you’re helping the shelter make room as a home for other more abandoned dogs that need help.

Help! My Shih Tzu is Causing Havoc to My House!

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I had the worst nightmare of my life when my Shih Tzu was just 4 years old. After a long and tiring day at work, I stepped into the house to find that my beautiful custom made shoe cabinets have been scratched and chipped by some unknown forces, and next to my cabinet is my sweet little dog, with left over wooden splinters around her mouth, jumping for joy at the return of her master.

I thought my house was broken into, but examining it closer revealed that my dog was the culprit of this destruction. Following the next few days, similar occurrences happened. Of course, I was in an explosive mood but at the same time, was worried about the destructive nature of my Shih Tzu. What has happened to cause a sweet little angel to turn into a monster from hell?

Soon enough, after much researching, I found that my dog was suffering from separation anxiety. Research has shown that if a Shih Tzu experiences separation anxiety, it can display unwanted behaviors such as whining, barking, crying, howling, digging, chewing and scratching at the door the entire time their family members are away. So how does this behaviors started?

Well, if you are facing similar issues, the bad news is that this unwanted behavior manifested itself because of our actions; yes, I am referring to you, the owner. Sometimes, we unwittingly encourages such misbehavior by the way we leave our house. I used to have the tendency to bid farewell to my dog for so long that it can make matters worse since it can make her feel more isolated after my departure. Research has shown that these types of long farewells can get the dog excited and no way to work it off. These excited, isolated Shih Tzu would therefore work off their excess energy in the most destructive of ways, such as chewing up furniture.

Remember, your Shih Tzu is not being spiteful when it chew wildly and scratch walls since they don’t have such intelligence as human to act spiteful. In fact, Shih Tzu is such people oriented dog. In order to prevent separation anxiety from occurring, it is important for you to make your dog feel happy and secure if you are not at home. It is important to keep the dog busy such as providing toys for it to play with.

Your dog needs to learn to know that you will return home. If it is possible for you, try to spend consecutive days to address this problem. Spend time with your dog and give him the required attention if he needs. However, do not pull the dog to stay by your side every time he decides to be alone. Your dog needs their personal spaces too so leave him alone if he does does not follow you. By not encouraging your dog to be always by your side, you are teaching him that it is alright to be by himself without your presence.

If your Shih Tzu are already experiencing separation anxiety, it is important that you start this exercise to get the dog accustomed to your departure gradually. Try to leave and return home at irregular intervals, and if possible continue to do this several times during the day. By doing so, this will allow your Shih Tzu to be accustomed to your departures. It will also help the dog to understand that you are not leaving him forever.

It is much more difficult to assure a Shih Tzu that previously have been lost, or those that are adopted. Therefore as a owner, you need to give out a lot of love and patience to your Shih Tzu. This will help your Shih Tzu to “let go” when you are not at home.

I hope this article will help you with managing your dog’s separation anxiety.

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Shih Tzu for Sale - Look for a Breeder Connected to a Breeding Circle

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Not every pet owner with a big heart for small dogs have the requisite finances to purchase them; that’s why many look for Shih Tzu for sale while looking out for the cheapest deals. That, right there, is a risk, since puppy mills abound. The profit motive is what drives non-legitimate Shih Tzu breeders to breed without concern for how healthy the puppies will turn out to be. The results are unhealthy litters, dubious bloodlines, and probably faked schedules of deworming schedules and inoculations.

You will probably get a good deal though, a price below the usual average, and it would be a good deal had these pups (or adult dogs, they have them, too) were of the legit breed. Of course, for that price, it’s doubtful the bloodline is as the breeder said. If a breeder will offer you some kind of discount, that price will only be a discount if he is a reputable breeder.

Look for a list of breeders online and check if they are members of breeding circles - if they are, then most likely they are legit. Being members of such clubs allows you to dig up references, for a background check. Unless he wants to be suspected of being a shady puppy mill merchant, a breeder will offer to show you his references and participation in dog shows; he will want to avoid sending the impression that he’s a puppy mill merchant.

Here’s a tip right out of the social networking age - send out word to your contacts and friends online that you’re looking for Shih Tzu for sale. Who doesn’t have a Facebook accounts these days? All you need to do is change your status to indicate that you’re looking to buy Shih Tzu. You can say the same thing on your instant messenger status, like on Skype. You can never know how much your social contacts can help until you do this. You might get lucky if a friend of a friend happens to be a legit breeder and that lands you a discount.

Should you not be looking for an adult dog, or a puppy of decided genuine breedling line (maybe you’re not into dog shows), then you might as well check out animal shelters near your area. You will mostly be choosing from adult dogs up for adoption, as animal rescue groups often take in orphaned or abandoned dogs. Most of these dogs each have their own stories of abuse and neglect and that’s why the animal rescue’s staff will interview you extensively to make sure you are capable of taking on the responsibility of adopting a dog they took care of themselves.

There’s also a key difference in money here - adoption is nearly always free compared to buying dogs or puppies from legitimate breeders; even if the staff offers inoculations to add to the existing ones the dog has undergone, it’s always cheaper.

Your online search for Shih Tzu for sale may lead to you to breeders or animal rescues. Ultimately you’ll need to decide whether you want puppies or adult Shih Tzu. Breeders have a financial reason to encourage you to seek Shih Tzu for sale, while animal shelters may only want to find a good home for their abandoned but lovable dogs.

Shih Tzu Breeders - Are You Ready to Raise Shih Tzu Pups?

Friday, April 29th, 2011

The Shih Tzu breed is undoubtedly cute, but you should worry about buying them from Shih Tzu breeders with dubious backgrounds, who may sell you unhealthy pups. You may fall victim to the many puppy mills operating, and so some Shih Tzu breeders you may take to be legitimate may in fact be con artists selling you unhealthy pups bred runt on runt. Legitimate breeders, you need to know, are usually a member of breeding clubs. When you find out that a breeder is a member, that’s a good sign - they can provice your with documentation pertaining to the pups’ legitimate bloodline.

If you’re particular to a specific Shih Tzu breed, a good breeder is your best bet. There are stories of pet owners who adopt pure bred Shih Tzu from animal shelters and rescues, but that’s a rare occurence. If you’re also looking for puppies to raise, then a breeder is what you’re looking for. Almost every dog that finds its way into the facilities of an animal shelter or rescue has a sad story or neglect and abuse, which is why the shelter’s staff have stringent screening processes, including interviews, to make sure the abandoned dogs do not get into the hands of abusive/neglectful pet owners - this may not be the fastest way to get Shih Tzu into your home. Also, if you intend to participate in dog shows, which of course has certain conformation rules to adhere to, then getting legitimate breeds from a reputable breeder may be the only way to go.

Breeders of the legit line usually have references you can check. When you interview breeders, wait to be provided references you can check, as the reputable ones will usually volunteer them to dispel suspicions they are part of those puppy mills. You will not be the only one asking a lot of questions, during that interview, as the breeder will also ask you questions. The breeder wants to find out if you are qualified to take care of such a breed, so he will not sell his dogs to pet owners who buy on impulse and later have them adopted.

A home that’s ready to take in new pets should have clean and sanitary areas for the pups, relatives that understand this breed, an owner financially prepared to shoulder the needs (pet bedding, premium dog food, vet check ups, inoculations, deworming sessions, medical procedures, grooming items, etc.), and a devoted heart on the part of the owner. All of these are vital since this breed has its own share of health problems and a personality that makes it a challenge to house train.

Grooming itself and needing to take the Shih Tzu out to do its business takes some space in one’s calendar. That’s the reason you might be subjected by the breeder to a series of question - he’s not just going to sell these dogs to a waller with no heart. That choosiness and reluctance to simply earn a buck are signs you’ve found yourself a good breeder.  

A boom in the popularity of toy dogs has encouraged unethical Shih Tzu breeders to take part in puppy mills to produce whatever in vogue breed is asked for. This type of breeding that cares not for the health of the produced puppies can result in unhealthy breeds. To make sure you acquire healthy pups or adult dogs from reputable Shih Tzu breeders, make sure these breeders are part of breeding circles and that they provide references you can check.

Tips on Shih Tzu Grooming Styles

Friday, April 29th, 2011

There are many Shih Tzu grooming styles to choose from. However, some pet owners will choose to reflect their dog’s personality in the style.

For some dog owners they find that the up keep of their dog’s grooming is too much hassle and they opt to keep the hair trimmed. Keeping the hair trimmed is much less time consuming for the owner.

Daily grooming is required for the fun loving Shih Tzu, if the owner has opted not to keep the coat trimmed. It is recommended that a steel comb or bristle brush is used when grooming a Shih Tzu. If the owner finds a lot of tangles or mats, then a plastic comb can be used.

Trimming can be done by using a good set of dog trimmers and trimming the hair all one length. Normally owners will leave the hair at the head and around the neck a little bit longer than the rest of the body.

The Top Knot style is for owners wishing to keep the hair of their Shih Tzu full length, they will pull back the hair around the eyes and pin it on the top of the head.

This ensures that the dog will be able to still see. Owners will often times pin the hair around the mouth as well. You can put a pin in or some choose to braid the hair and then put a pin in. As you can see, there are many different varieties for the top knot.

Shih Tzu grooming style is more of an owner’s preference. However, if the Shih Tzu is older or is sick, it is recommended that the hair is kept short and trimmed.

Most important to remember is if the owner allows the hair to stay long, they must pin the hair back from the mouth and eyes so the dog can maintain vision and easily access their food.

Visit us to learn more about Shih-Tzu grooming styles, or to gather more information on Shih-Tzus.

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Shih Tzu - a Dignified Small Breed

Friday, April 29th, 2011

If you’re thinking of getting a Shih Tzu, you’ve opted for a popular but possibly difficult to take care off breed. This particular small dog breed has a strong sense of self, which is one reason it also goes by another name - the Imperial Shih Tzu. As a companion pet, however, it is a superb one.

The tests to restore the original function of different dog breeds

There have been conducted tests for dogs, to check if what they were bred for are the expectations they can live up to. And so there were developed tests for hunting dogs, herding dogs, ground tests for terriers, lure events for sight hounds, water and draft tests, and even stamina tests. Dogs that pass the tests assigned to the breed they belong to were judged adequate to expectations associated with their breed.

These tests of performance, appropriate they may be for some breeds, is not need for the toy dog breed, a breed which has a different set of expectations associated with them. Many toyy dog breeds perform well in the job they are expected to do, namely, be great companions, lively pets, and healthy company.

The Shih Tzu personality - treat it like a king

This breed is often outgoing and friendly, but it’s got a brat persona that wants only to be spoiled. It has a great sense of self, which is probably why many owners notice this breed is not good with other pets and little kids around. But for older kids, especially those who adore combing its long, fine coat, the Shih Tzu is a fine companion.

Because it’s often alert and vigilant, Shih Tzu are actually great watchdogs. If a Shih Tzu is prone to snapping at other people, it may not be of a pure breed or may not have been trained well to avoid excessive barking. A smart dog, the Shih Tzu can be trained, although not as easily as other dogs. You need to be persistent when training it, as it can be stubborn. Be careful with punishing it, since it can shut down and do the opposite of what you want to train it to not do.

A short list of Shih Tzu health problems

Renal dysplasia (a kidney disease), slipped stifles or kneecaps, and large eyes that are prone to injury - that’s a quick glance at the Shih Tzu’s health problems. The muzzle, being short, is also prone to wheezing. The Shih Tzu’s coat, or poor maintenance of it, results in other health problems - the badly maintained coat shows tangles, hot spots, skin infections, painful mats, and (in the worst case) maggot infestation. You need to groom a Shih Tzu every other day, at least. If you can’t do that you need to choose another breed.  

To be sure that the Shih Tzu a breeder may be offering for sale is a genuine one, you need to the check the breeding standard. It’s not surprise that puppy mills abound, what given the popularity of the Imperial Shih Tzu and the demand for both puppies and adults of this breed. You want to get in touch with reputable breeders that are connected with breeding clubs before you seriously consider buying a Shih Tzu.