Is a Shih Tzu Puppy the Right Dog For You?

If you’re planning on getting a new Shih Tzu, the dog’s gender and color will most likely play a role in what you decide to get. You will also have to make the decision on what age you’d like the dog to be. The age of the dog is an important decision because taking care of a puppy and an adolescent or a senior dog is very different.

However, most people that are looking for a new Shih Tzu or any other dog for that matter will most likely want a puppy. Hopefully, you’re prepared for the work, responsibility and the expense of taking care of a puppy. Here are some things that you’ll have to think about before getting a puppy:

1) A New puppy will have to go through housetraining and obedience training

No matter how cute a puppy is, they do not know the first thing about living in a human home. They don’t know that your expensive carpet is not the bathroom and your shoes aren’t chew toys. You will have to have a lot of patience with a puppy; they need a lot of training. Are you patient enough to put in the quality time needed to get your puppy to the point where he or knows the difference between your carpet and the bathroom?

2) Stature

Shih Tzu puppies are small dogs; however, they are a lot tougher than other smaller breeds, but they can still be injured rather easily by a rough child, other dogs, or a mistake. You need to keep them out of harm’s way on a regular basis.

3) Socialization

Puppies are not aware of the big bad world that they’re in; they don’t know much about people, other dogs, and places. Therefore, be careful about how you expose them to these situations, because the wrong exposure could lead to behavioral problems such as anxiety, fear, or aggression. It is important for you to properly socialize your Shih Tzu puppy so that he or she grows well-adjusted to their lives with humans.

4) Energy

Although the Shih Tzu is not a hyper active breed, a puppy is a different story. As you know, all puppies have an abundance of energy that is unrivaled. Therefore, if you get tired just thinking about keeping up with a puppy, maybe an older dog will be right for you.

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