Shih Tzu Grooming - What Prospective Owners Should Know About

The long-haired Shih Tzu, if you didn’t know, actually has two coats. The long coat that many pet owners love to brush for hours is the outer coat. It also has an inner coat, that’s usually wooly. Despite a lack of patience with an attention-demanding and high maintenance pet, some people want to own a Shih Tzu.

A word of caution - if you can’t groom a Shih Tzu every day, don’t get one; if you cannot devote enough time and money to attend to its needs, don’t get one. You need to know that a Shih Tzu has a lifespan of about twenty years, which is good if you can learn to be responsible and disciplined enough to take care of such a loyal companion dog. So you need to be sure you can do this if you want to have a health Shih Tzu.

Impulse buying or adopting is not going to be a good decision, if it’s a decision at all - just because you spend some time watching a dog show or combing a friend’s Shih Tzu, doesn’t mean you can take care of it. There are conformation standards, strict ones, that dog show entrants must pass. The reason those pets look gorgeous is because their owners spent a lot of time grooming them and training them - that’s not something many owner can do. Shih Tzu grooming is a habit a good pet owner should develop, but that some, unfortunately, don’t.

It’s not news to anyone that some people purchase or adopt this breed, and then, after experiencing first hand just how demanding it is to keep one, they give up - they give it up for adoption. Still, some feel they cannot pour their time everyday spending long hours of it grooming their dog. Grooming their beloved Shih Tzu is an activity some people love. They’re great pets, especially for the elderly, since they are made to feel wanted because the dogs crave to be loved.

There is one way to reduce the need to keep grooming that hair, and that’s to consult a specialist, a dog stylist. You could have your Shih Tzu’s hair cut stylishly, so that your dog remains cute, only with less hair to worry about grooming. Although you may want to consider this, but you might have to put up your dog for adoption.

Again, if Shih Tzu grooming is an everyday habit you cannot establish and stick to, please reconsider getting a Shih Tzu. At its worst, inconsistent grooming leans to health problems; at the least, you inconvenience your dog by leaving its coat dirty, tangled up, and matted. The last thing you want is for you Shih Tzu’s hair to mat, tangle up, be the home to various parasites that lead to skin lesions and other diseases.

Shih Tzu grooming should become a daily ritual for owners of this toy dog breed. That’s because a Shih Tzu may develop problems with its coat if not care for, or groomed at least every other day. If you find that you may not have time for Shih Tzu grooming because of your work schedule or other concerns, you may want to choose another breed of dog, as this breed demands constant grooming to avoid health problems.



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