Meet the Teacup Shih Tzu

A teacup shih tzu is a breed of dog. The kennel associations consider them below the toy dog category. This breed is raised through selecting the smaller of Shih Tzu dogs by the breeders of these already small sized dogs. Except their size, the teacup Shih Tzu dogs are basically the same as any other Shih Tzu. There are no guarantees that the teacup Shih Tzu might not grow to be smaller than the average Shih Tzu when it matures. In other words, breeders who claim to breedteacup Shih Tzus just pick the smallest of each litter and pair it with another smaller Shih Tzu from another litter in the hopes that the union will produce smaller than average dogs.

The discriminate breeding of teacup Shih Tzu dogs is not encouraged by many of the renowned kennel associations from different countries. This is due mainly to the fact that most of the teacup Shih Tzu breeders may be discriminate when it comes to size but not when it comes to health and other factors. Nevertheless, some of them could overlook the health problems occurring in such small dogs. There are also genetic restrictions that could be overlooked by some irresponsible breeders These are the reasons why most of the kennel clubs do not have different standards for teacup Shih Tzu.

Characteristics Of A Teacup Shih Tzu

Normally, there will be no differences in the overall features of the teacup shih tzu. Some breeders advertise their dogs to be a special breed in order to obtain better prices for them, but most dogs are smaller only as puppies.

The regular height for the Shih Tzu dogs is up to ten inches at the withers. If the dog is carefully raised and has the appropriate genes, it may stand less than the regular size when it matures. Nevertheless, you should know that seven inches at the withers is the minimum height considered regular by some kennel associations. Most of the teacup Shih Tzus flaunted to be teacups or miniatures actually mature to be more than seven inches in height or close to the minimum height for average Shih Tzus.

The weight of the average Shih Tzu is about ten to sixteen pounds. Most of the so called teacup Shih Tzu dogs are very close to this weight range. When fully grown, these so called teacup dogs may be very similar to normal sized ones.

Regardless the size, there are common physical features for this breed. The dog breed has hanging ears which are covered with long hair. Their long coats need to be brushed every day, to prevent snarls and tangles that may turn into matted hair. Many Shih Tzu owners opt to have the hair cut short for better maintenance while most show dogs retain their long hair for show purposes. The hair of these dogs resemble to the normal sized ones. They have flowing tails that curl on their back.

Characteristics of their Personality

The teacup Shih Tzu has quite similar temperament to the normal sized dogs. They have been specifically bred to accompany Chinese royalty. They are called lapdogs because they are small enough to fit on your laps. These dogs like to play and have equilibrated temperaments They can be fierce when confronted with danger and will protect their master when necessary although they are friendly dogs to begin with. The teacup Shih Tzu needs only an apartment or small house to live healthy and happy. In spite of this, they do need to be walked daily.

A teacup shih tzu is a very small dog. The kennel associations consider them below the toy dog category. teacup shih tzu dogs have the same basic features as the regular sized dogs.


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