Loving the Spoiled Shih-Tzu

Originally from Tibet the Shih-Tzu, (pronounced sheed-soo), is a small lap dog that was once considered holy. Raised by Tibetan monks for companions to the royal family, the shih-tzu, has maintained its tendency to be arrogant.

The best feature of this little animal is its double layered long flowing coat. Comprised of hair that is quite similar to human hair, there is very little if any shedding. This dog is known for its hypoallergenic properties making it a great companion to those who have allergic reactions to most pets.

The weight range of this dog varies from nine to sixteen pounds. The small size of it will tend to make one feel it is a delicate animal, when it actually is very sturdy an even courageous. The breed itself is known as one with a tendency for barking which allows it to be a good watchdog but it can also be a very quiet house pet.

The shih-tzu will give off an aura of dignity most likely due to its background of royalty. Only patient and gentle guidance will gain response where training is involved. They enjoy a low-key life in the companionship of adults rather than the rambunctious children. This small dog will burst forth with short periods of energetic movement, only to be followed with rest. Short walks on a leash are best.

A full-grown shih-tzu stands no taller than ten or eleven inches at the withers. It is a prominent show dog if one is willing to undertake the daily maintenance involved. Many who have one in their home will have it groomed on a regular basis and leave the work to those committed to show dogs.

Color is not a breed requirement although most are black/white; red/white/ and occasionally one will be all chocolate. Hoping to reproduce dogs withal gold or all white coats has led to few black and silver dogs.

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