September 4, 2008

Get Your Shih Tzu A Shih Tzu Puppy Cut

A dog doesn?t have to be a Shih Tzu in order to get a Shih Tzu puppy cut. This is a popular choice for many longhaired breeds including the Havanese, the Yorkshire Terrier, the Lhasa Apso and even the Old English Sheepdog.

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September 4, 2008

NatBee @ 6:08 pm

How to keep a Shih tzu puppy face white?
We just got a new Shih tzu puppy…. she was 8 weeks old yesterday. She is solid white with a little black around her eyes and ears. Her beard already has a red color to it and I was wondering how you keep the Shih tzu face white? Any Shih tzu owners who have any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Renate @ 6:10 pm

My Dalmatian mix has the same problem I wipe his face with a warm wash cloth a couple of times a day. He hates it but it keeps him clean I also have the groomer shear close on his chin and around his muzzle - makes less for the food to cling to when he eats
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Minky @ 6:12 pm

I worked as a dog groomer for 2 years and found this product:
it's used for the eye area (that usually turns red) on white dogs, but it works well on the beard as well.
The thing with Shih Tzu's is that they are a VERY high maitenance dog. Their face needs to wiped DAILY to keep the stains off, and even then there WILL be some staining!
When you take her to the groomer, ask for a "Teddy Bear Face and a long top" , this will leave her head long (for the pony-tail) and the face round but the beard a little shorter, which helps keep it out of her food.
Good Luck and congratulations on the new *baby*!

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china @ 6:14 pm

I have 8 Shih Tzu's, keeping them clean all over is a job in itself. What I would tell you is to wash her little face every morning with her routine brushing. Mostly around the corner of her eyes. You should find a good groomer and really look into a good groomer. and have her groomed every six weeks or so. Remember too Shih Tzu colors change slightly as they get older. It will take about a year for the true colors stay put. My soild brown one ended up being gray with in the year. The red color may stay there..good luck on your little one.. You couldn't ask for a better dog than a Shih Tzu.
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Shane @ 6:16 pm

For red around the mouth, I'd try using a ceramic or metal bowl and giving her filtered water. A lot of times the red is caused by bacteria from a plastic bowl or minerals in tap water.
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glow_worm_4u @ 6:18 pm

my parents have breed shih tzus my whole life…the best thing to keep their face from getting more of the red tint(which is actually like rust to a dog) is to water them from a water bottle like you would a rabbit… trust me it keeps it from getting red… the reason it gets red is because when they drink out of a bowl is stains their hair. trust me they drink very well out of a bottle too. just mount it on the wall next to their food. plus this way you dont always have to clean up from them spilling the water bowl… this will work 100 %
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plus it is easier than wiping their face everytime or buying some usless product for it… just use a water bottle… like $2

just curious what did you pay for your shih tzu???

chetco @ 6:20 pm

Pampers Baby Wipes (fragrance free) will do the job, if you wipe her beard with it after each meal..Also, feed and water in ceramic or stainless steel bowls…Wash the bowls daily.
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dog breeder since 1968

sabledane @ 6:22 pm

I worked at a groomer also and the teddy bear cut is very cute! Yes there are many things you can get to help. The discoloring is coming from her saliva she will get this color at corners of mouth and her eyes. she may also have spots on her body if she chews at herself often. Regular grooming and baths is your best thing.wipe her face after she eats or drinks.this is very normal. Find a good groomer and they will help.
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madison @ 6:24 pm

some foods do this …wash daily with warm water wash away from the eyes down the sides of the nose and check she hasnt food stuck side of her mouth..i think you will always have problems with her as she is solid white as you say as it is not a desirable colour for a shihtzu is her pigment o.k. eye rims mouth pads they should be black not brown or pink as if they are pink then her eyes will look sore..
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December 27, 2008

hayley @ 1:32 am

hi, i saw you mentioned the pink eye rim. i knew nothing about the breed, but my daughter wanted it badly for christmas . adorable puppy. however, the breeder knew i was clueless, and now i see that it does indeed have “one” eye with a pink rim instead of black and it is surrounded by white hair on that eye. black patch on the other eye with proper black rim. does this mean that she can’t ever show her dog because of that fault…nor breed this dog? more importantly, do we have eye problems to look forward to due to this pink eye rim fault? just curious, love the dog, but sure would’ve like to have known before giving up my $300 bucks that i could’ve given to any other breeder who would have maybe been honest to me. thanks

June 7, 2009

james campbell @ 7:47 pm

hi,, got my daughter a shih tzu puppy,, she is 8 weeks old now,, av just noticed she has a soft lump,, about a small grape size in middle of her tummy,, any advice,, thanks

September 3, 2009

lynda @ 9:46 pm

My Westie puppie had a small lump on his tummy when I got him at 8 wks old. It turned out to be a hernia (common and not a serious problem according to my vet). They took care of it at the same time he was neutered.

September 28, 2009

Nancy Caserta @ 12:20 am

She probably has iguinal hernia that can be taken care of by your vet. My shih tzu has one as well and it will be taken care of when she is fixed at 6 months of age

November 21, 2009

s fenlon @ 8:13 pm

well i have a 8 month old shih tzu solid black and she is adorable, i for one would not be filtering the water for a dog, i ask myself does this person have children, and do they filter the water for the kids, what is that going to do please! just keep washing the scruffy fucker. xx

January 26, 2010

Peach @ 3:11 pm

Hi S. Fenlon,
The suggestion regarding filtering the water is probably meant for those with light-faced shih tzu whose faces get dirty. Apparently minerals in unfiltered tap water can contribute to staining of white or light fur. Just because this isn’t helpful information to you doesn’t mean that others can’t be helped by it. Besides, I think a lot of shih tzu owners enjoy pampering their pooches, so filtering water for them isn’t that far out of the realm of practicability. Hope your dog is happy and doing well!

June 3, 2010

Nancy @ 12:46 pm

I also use the water bottle for my shih Tzu…and it works great….have always done this…so does my daughter

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