Common Health Issues You Need to Know for Your Shih Tzu

Shih tzu are sturdy dogs and can live a fairly long and healthy life, up to 15 years with proper diet and care. Just like human, our dear furry friend may encounter some health issues during their life. It is therefore important to understand these common health symptoms and take preventive measures.

Shortness of Breath - it is not uncommon for Shih Tzu to have breathing issues because of its short face and snort. However, in some cases, the dog may have a sudden case of “asthma” or shortness of breath out of nowhere. The dog will sound as if it has choked on something and can’t breath properly. This could be caused by excitement on the part of the dog during play or other activities. Owners are advised to minimize strenuous activities especially if the dog is getting older.

In such situation, try to calm your dog down by massaging and patting its chest in a downward stroke manner. The massage may help to calm down those tense muscles and gets the dog to relax.

Ears - if you found some pus in your pet Shih Tzu and its ear is looking red (instead of the white healthy pink), it may be caused either by some infection or it could simply be irritation due to dust and dirt. Try cleaning the ears with some dog ear cleaner and observe. if it persists for 2 days or more, bring the dog to the vet.

Eyes - Shih tzu has big eyes and tends to get infection on their eyes. At times, the dog may accidentally scratch their eyes while scratching near their muzzle or ears. In such situation, you can notice that their eye will be closed most of the time due to the intense pain. Immediately bring the dog to the vet, where they will check for ulcers.

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