Behavioral Problems in Shihtzu Dogs

The Shihtzu is a lovable dog, but, as it happens with most breeds, he can develop some behavioral problems that must be addressed by owners in a timely fashion. Unless you stop such bad behaviors from happening, you will discover that your dog turns from the lovable character you thought him to be into an annoying little pest.

They love to chew on things

Stopping bad behaviors in a Shihtzu must begin at an early age. As their teeth grow, Shihtzu puppies will have the tendency to chew on everything they can reach. In order to protect your belongings and your puppy’s mouth - that can get injured when the dog chews on dangerous items - you need to give them a lot of chewing toys, and to remember to keep the floors free of anything the puppy may want to chew on. It is extremely important to keep electrical and/or computer wires unexposed to your pet since they will have a tendency to want to chew on them. In time, a well behaved dog will know not to chew on your designer’s shoes.

Annoying growling

It is ok for your dog to growl from time to time, as this is part of their protection mechanism, but what to do when your little pet starts growling all the time? One thing you can do is to take the dog to a vet and see what the pet doctor has to say about this, since growling can be a sign of suffering. If this is not the case, and you notice your dog growling only during certain events, try to identify what triggers their annoying response. You can teach your dog to let growling aside, if you get him familiar with the triggering factors, and show him that there is no threat for him. Also, providing your pooch with a friendly environment, where the dog can feel safe and unthreatened should contribute to solving this issue.

The runaway

Dogs are known for being creatures that love to hunt, which is why it is not so easy to keep even a small dog, like the Shihtzu, on a tight leash. The dog will have the natural tendency to run away when you take him outside for a walk, and you will have to teach him to walk next to you, instead of pulling at the leash all the time. You will have to make the dog understand that running away is the type of behavior that you do not condone. Reward him when he listens to your commands, including when he does not run away, and, in time, he will understand that it is in his best interest to listen to you.

Such a beggar!

Shihtzu is known for being a skillful beggar. It is not hard to imagine why, since his looks seemed to be designed to convince anyone to do as the dog likes. It is quite easy for a Shihtzu dog to convince his owner to give him extra food from the table, since the little fellow only has to stare with his big brown eyes and get what he wants. In order to stop your pooch from becoming a master beggar, you need to steel yourself. Set the ground rules and feed the Shihtzu only in his designated place, and never feed him scrapes from your meal. If he sees that his techniques are not working, he will eventually give in.

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