About Shih Tzu Health Problems

A dislocated kneecap, or patellar luxation, may be present at birth but not show up until the dog is older. This health problem will most likely present itself through the Shih Tzu limping or merely walking on three legs. Recommended treatment for this is surgery. If it is a mild case of patellar luxation or the dog is of a considerable age, then a pain drug such as Prednisone my be prescribed.

A repressed respiratory system is a result of the shortened face of a Shih Tzu. This is known as brachycephalic syndrome. Dogs with this health problem will suffer from some form of respiratory distress. Only extreme cases are treated with surgery.

Von Willibrand disease is a bleeding disorder found in small dogs. This results in a lack of proteins in the blood that are needed to clot properly. This can result in excessive bleeding in regards to surgery, traumatic events or injuries. Signs that a Shih Tzu has this disorder include: bleeding of the gum area, intestinal bleeding, nose bleeds and possible diarrhea.

Inadequate kidney function is a genetic condition that normally appears in a puppy at approximately 10-13 weeks old. The kidneys are too small to function properly resulting in infections or kidney stones. In extreme cases, it may result in convulsions, vomiting and overall weakened condition. A veterinarian should be contacted immediately.

Hypothyroidism is when the proper chemicals are not produced by the thyroid causing a metabolism imbalance. Occurring mostly in middle-aged dogs, symptoms include: lethargy, weight gain and muscle loss. This health problem can be controlled through drugs. The disease should be approached as soon as possible as leaving it untreated can result in heart problems.

These Shih Tzu health problems are very likely to appear at some point during your dog’s life. With proper preventative measures and regular veterinarian visits they can be caught quickly. This will allow for the treatments to be used at their utmost potential and give the Shih Tzu a longer, healthier life.

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