How to make everyday topknot&Wash face for Shihtzu bySilk C.

How to Make topknot & Wash face of the shihtzu by Silk Creation …..
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17 Responses to “How to make everyday topknot&Wash face for Shihtzu bySilk C.”

  1. gggators4 says:

    me too
    me too

  2. Soad199Rs says:

    the dog is probably …
    the dog is probably use to it

  3. SeeSawAway says:

    Poor dog. I would …
    Poor dog. I would hate having to sit through that.

  4. corinnahope says:

    You put the dog to …
    You put the dog to sleep with a drug didn’t you?
    Some groomers do that.


  5. hyunsmagic says:

    Korea Shih …

    Korea Shih Tzu Breeder Mr.Shin
    Hyun’s Magic Shih tzu
    your silk spray very good products.

  6. NCRebecca says:

    why wont my shihtzu …
    why wont my shihtzu sit still?? I cant wash her face, comb her, and when she sees me turn on the water in the sink she runs b/c she thinks it is time for a bath.

  7. massimoXD says:

    that dog is so …
    that dog is so stonned

  8. rosanaknapp says:

    Very good the video.
    Very good the video.

  9. petlovers100 says:

    This is called wash …
    This is called wash bottle. US Plastic Corp is one of the online store selling it. You can search under “Nalgene Economy Wash Bottle and it will show all the sizes.

  10. HROF11 says:

    hi, i have a …
    hi, i have a question. is it normal for about 5 month old shih tzus to not let them touch their hair or face AT ALL. I fi even touch her hair she goes crazy barks and BITES. please help?

  11. lbunder says:

    I like the video, …
    I like the video, too, and would like to know where I can get a water bottle like that for use with my Yorkie.

  12. YVEMMA says:

    Is this shih tzu …
    Is this shih tzu alive :) :) ?

  13. erl49 says:

    Nice job with the …
    Nice job with the face wash, but I didn’t care for the angle of the blow dryer-the way it was going right into the dog’s eyes. I’d have prefered a more up/down angle. Shih tzus are prone to eye problems as it is. I didn’t see anything about the topknot either.

  14. shenronjkt says:

    how to teach not to …
    how to teach not to moving when we clean up his face?

  15. cappipink says:

    Excellent video. …
    Excellent video. Where did you get the water bottle you are using?

  16. creativeshihtzutasya says:

    really happy that u …
    really happy that u like it /Kitti

  17. Kitty0Go0Crazy says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the video!!! I was trying to figure out if that dog was real or not. LOL Beautiful dog and informative video.

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