Diva Joy “Pom-Shi” (Pomeranian/Shih Tzu) Puppy, 8 Weeks Old.

My little girl,Diva, on my desk, as I try to finish studying for my nursing school exams. Music: Musicshake, Animation- Lovely Day

Duration : 0:0:52

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8 Responses to “Diva Joy “Pom-Shi” (Pomeranian/Shih Tzu) Puppy, 8 Weeks Old.”

  1. johnchapterseventeen says:

    wow she really does …
    wow she really does look just like my little dog! God bless.

  2. DulceRainbow says:

    @ …
    @johnchapterseventeen Thank You :-) I’ll be posting more videos soon.

  3. HallWoodProductions says:

    Does she shed?
    Does she shed?

  4. DulceRainbow says:

    @ …
    @HallWoodProductions Hardly @ all. The most she has done, is recently..and you can BARELY see it, unless you’re holding her and were wearing black. I consider that pretty normal since she’s going from puppy to dog/summer to fall.

  5. TheSteven800 says:

    ur puppy will soon …
    ur puppy will soon start tofade like her colors cause i had dog just like that and the colors where fresh but know faded =(

  6. DulceRainbow says:

    @TheSteven800 Haha, …
    @TheSteven800 Haha, you’re right. She did..she’s a much lighter sandy color now..but I think it’s cute :-) She looks like a lil’ scruff-o-muffin. haha

  7. anapao89 says:

    how old is ur dog? …
    how old is ur dog? my dog is white with hazel and he is huge, from what I thought he was going to be lol, one of his parents must have been pretty big, but we love him and his my baby, but he is a little stubborn is urs like that? My Kiwi is 2 years old

  8. DulceRainbow says:

    @anapao89 She is …
    @anapao89 She is only 8 weeks old here, but now she is over 6 months old. She is pretty small…weighs 5.5 pounds and hasn’t grown for over a month, so I think she might stay around that size. ..and yes, she is a stubborn little runt! haha

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