What You Need to Know About Mixed Small Dogs

Mixed small dogs are those with parents of a mixed heritage. They too can make very good pets if you socialize and train them at a very tender age. Most people consider mixed small dogs or mixed dogs in general to belong to the lower caste of pets. However, this should not be the case. Owners of these dogs should feel no shame in announcing that they own a mixed breed pet. In fact, they too can be very good for families, for those that live in apartments, for those that have children, for the fathers who like to jog, or even for the grandmothers who stays at home. Yes, these kinds of dogs can be the dog for you and your family.

In addition, mixed small dogs can be healthy, loyal, friendly, yappy, fearful, sickly, aggressive, gentle, easy to train, hard to train and obedient, to name but a few. In short, mixed small dogs can be anything and everything that pure bred dogs can be. Each dog should be judged individually. This means that the mixed heritage does not make him any less of a dog as compared to the pure breeds.

Having said this, it is significant to note that there are pros and cons of owning mixed small dogs. Some of the advantages include the fact that they are generally inexpensive even if purchased from a shelter. They can be obtained from a neighbor or from a newspaper and may cost next to nothing, if at all. They cost about $60- $80 when purchased from a shelter, and this may include vaccinations and general health examinations.

The problem with cheap dogs however, is the fact that they are often exposed to very poor socialization, have a poor immune system and more often than not, are a product of accidental breeding rather than carefully planned mating.

Mixed small dogs also often exhibit the worst characteristics of both parents. Some can be high-strung, neurotic, destructive, stubborn and difficult to house train.

The care and training required for mixed small dogs is the same as that for pure bred dogs. It is up to you to ensure that you train your dog well and keep him healthy because ultimately, the value of your dog lies in his health, temperament and rapport with humans.

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