The Anti Bark Collars Are Holistic Cures For Barking

It’s strange how those people who look down at you for mentioning Anti Bark Collars are the same ones who don’t refrain from using harsh training techniques on their dogs. Some dogs bark more than others and when they start to, they end up driving everyone crazy, including your neighbors. Reality is that whenever your lovely pet starts to bark insistently, it isn’t that lovely anymore. Not only is the barking going to cause a rift with your neighbors, but it can also get you into trouble with the law. In some states you have to send away your dog if it constantly makes noise.

You definitely want to avoid this, especially if you’ve been having you’re dog for a very long time and you’re extremely attached to it. If you have to give it away because of excessive barking and it ends up in a nice household, the new owners will also estrange it when they find out it’s very noisy. Therefore, the poor pet might just keep on changing residences or, even worse, end up in a pet shelter where the only solution left is the lethal injection. Because of this, it’s clear that wearing a bark collar is much less inhumane than the lethal injection.

Unfortunately though, the vast majority of people have seen movies where a dog has been tortured using a shock collar, and they’ve read reports on how cruel these collars are. In reality however, these reports are written by those who claim to love be devoted dog lovers, yet they’ve never taken the time to actually research anti bark collars. Amazingly, there are even some people who think they must shave the area on the dog’s neck where the collar is put. There are even articles mentioning severe burn marks on the dog’s neck, as a result of bark collar use. Of course, all these rumors are highly exaggerated.

In truth, electronic bark collars should be called “tingle” collars, as opposed to shock collars. The bark collars are not painful at all, they are merely annoying for your pet. Yes it gives you a fright, but it’s by no means painful, and it can certainly do you no harm.

Many noisy dogs today own their lives to these highly debated collars that prevented them from reaching dog shelters. All individuals who purchased dog collars were content with their investments and found them really helpful, as their effect was obvious starting from day 1 of use. Moreover, many Anti Bark Collars signal with a noise before actually releasing the stimuli (citrus spray or shock). When dogs hear the noise they are tempted to stop barking, because they want to avoid the shock that comes. Considering that the most powerful shock is slightly more intense than the regular static shock, we can’t really say these devices will hurt anyone. In conclusion, the bark collar is the most humane solution you can find to your dog’s constant barking.

There are many exaggerated myths about Anti Bark Collars. The truth is that bark collars don’t hurt your dog. If you want to know more about Anti Bark Collars, click on this link.

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