Stop Continuous Barking With A Bark Collar

Before describing the advantages of bark collars, we should first describe what these items are. Bark collars are worn around the dog’s neck to prevent it from barking constantly. Of course, the times when barking becomes excessive or inappropriate or both depends on many conditions including the type of neighborhood, the time of day, and the circumstances surrounding the behavior.

Electronic bark collars work through the principles of aversive training. When your dog barks continuously for at least 30 seconds, the bark collars produces a beep sound to let your dog know it should stop barking; if the dog does not stop, then it is administered a mild shock which will grow in intensity if the behavior continues. The dog must wear the collar for as long as it takes it to realize what the beep sound means and to stop when the sound begins.

Buying a Bark Collar can help you greatly. Below we’ve compiled a series of advantages of purchasing such a device:

• It can be used to train a dog in proper behavior especially at night when the neighborhood is peaceful and quiet since the people are fast asleep. Everybody in the neighborhood, including your family and yourself, will be able to get a good night’s sleep, without constantly being woken up by the dog’s insistent barking.

• The electric shocks can be adjusted based on the training needs, discipline level and size of the dog. For instance, very large dogs can be easily trained with shocks at maximum intensity, as these won’t hurt them, but merely annoy them instead, while small dogs can’t receive the same treatment; they will quiet down at less intense signals. Of course, no one can tell which level of intensity is best for their dog without testing the device first.

•Using a bark collar does not mean that your dog won’t be able to bark to let you know whether there’s someone breaking into your house. The manufacturers of bark collars realized the necessity of programming the bark collars to stop administering the shocks if the dog barks for more than 15 successive times in 30 seconds. You should then be able to respond in an appropriate manner such as looking for the source of the dog’s agitation.

•All these devices have been designed as to ensure a maximum of comfort unless the dog barks insistently. Leather is the most popular material used for these useful training devices.

If your dog is agitated and barks all the time, the a Bark Collar is the best solution you could find.

The Bark Collar is a type of dog collar used to stop your dog’s barking. It is safe and comfortable to use and does not hurt the animal. For more details on the Bark Collar, click here.


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