How to Choose the Safe Rubber Dog Toy

Chewing is one of the things that dogs cannot resist especially when they are teething. As you cannot stop your dog from chewing, it is important to think at a way to stop it from chewing various things in your house, which of course you don’t want to be damaged. A rubber dog toy is very helpful when it comes to this. These toys are specifically designed to being chewed, so they are supposed to resist for a long time while your dog chews them. It is however very important to ensure that you get the best toy for your dog to avoid any accidents that are not planned for.

Consider firstly the type of material the manufacturer used to produce the toy you want to buy for your dog. There are some rubber materials that are very light and they can easily tear when chewed by the dog. This also depends on the level of chewing that your dog is at. There are differences between breeds when it comes to chewing, as some breeds have bigger mouths, stronger jaw muscles and sharper teeth, but there are also differences between the dogs of the same breed, depending on their temperament. When a toy dismantles in smaller pieces, the dog chewing it can accidentally swallow one of those parts and could strangle with it or it can obstruct its intestines.

Second, you should carefully check the durability and resilience to chewing of the rubber material of which the rubber dog toy is made. Your dog will be very pleased to chew a lot of hours to its rubber toy, and in the mean time it will also exercise the muscles of its neck, jaws and mouth. It is also possible to add some treats in these toys to ensure that the dog is both active and it is also enjoying itself. This way, the dog is occupied both physically and mentally looking for a way to remove the treats from the toys and eat them.

You also need to choose a material that won’t rip, puncture, crack or even shred when your dog get nervous and chews the toy with excessive aggressiveness. Be careful at the toys with removable parts, as these pieces can be detached by the dog and ingested accidentally, which might lead to choking or other digestive complication that can be very dangerous for your dog.

It’s a good idea to have more toys that you can substitute once in a while. There are very many options that you can go for which should be things that attract dogs, and there are many of those in the market. Choose various types of toy to challenge your dog and stimulate its mental. With the numerous types of the rubber dog toy available in the market, nothing should worry you when it comes to selecting the most suitable one if you have the right tips.

Give you dog a rubber dog toy to chew. Increase the pleasure of your dog with treats inserted into the toy. Choose the most suitable rubber dog toy for your pet.

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