How Could My Healthy Dog Die During Teeth Cleaning?

This could be the most awkward thing that one can ask. But this might also be possible if you push that dog toothbrush way down on his throat (but that will make you die, too, the dog could bit you and chew you into tiny little pieces), or maybe you might entrap the toothbrush right between two his teeth or you brush his mouth too much until blood would be oozing right out of its head (ugh…) but to answer this question posted by sooo many, many dog owners:

Brushing a pet dog’s teeth is one of the ways to maintain good health for your pet dog. As you all know, one thing leads to another. If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth, he’ll get tooth decay. When he gets tooth decay, he will have a hard time chewing his food (take constant note that they really love to chew on bones and you should know that) and when he has a hard time chewing, he will lost his appetite and would resort to other food alternatives (your kid?). Then, before you know it, their health will deteriorate and they will die an untimely death and it can all be blamed on you.

Sad to say, many dog owners who claim they love their best buddy are forgetting the importance of cleaning their dog’s mouth and teeth and tongue.

But sometimes, you can’t blame them. Many dogs don’t like the idea of having something in their mouth which they can’t chew or gulp down. If something is in their mouth, they have to eat it.

so, what’s the best idea of teaching your dog the habit of brushing his teeth with your help and have them kind of love the idea? Use the right and proper dog toothbrush and pair it with toothpaste that has yummy flavor. And it the toothpaste has a yummy flavor, it would be a nice way to start your dog from loving the art of brushing his teeth, right?

Now, attention dog owners who love to give their dog some soft food. Do you know that if you only feed your dogs some soft food, they could contribute a lot to dental issues? The soft food is left between and around the gums that could cause bad breath and infections and can make their teeth deteriorate. And people who live in areas of the country where water is not that clean or considered “hard” will likely have dogs with tooth problems since hard water can leave tartar that builds up just like what will happen to human teeth.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to do away with soft wood and you need to buy your dog filtered or mineral water. What you need to learn is how to brush your dog’s teeth. Other folks are apprehensive or intimidated by the idea of opening their dog’s mouth. However, you don’t have to rush things up. You can do it slowly and surely. You can try to get some more advices and tips on how to do this through various online help in grooming and making your dog healthy and happy.

“How could my healthy dog die during teeth cleaning?, you might ask. The answer is “no” he won’t but he will die an untimely death if you don’t brush his teeth, show him some good care and love, groom him, make him healthy and happy and put him in an isolated environment. The bottom line is your dog will live a healthy, active and fruitful life if you give him this much attention.

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