Dog Health Care, And Its Importance

Dog health care is very important if you have a dog as a pet. Once upon a time, dogs were used for hunting and for guarding. As time went by they came to be regarded as a man’s best friend due to the loyalty they showed toward their master and utmost dog health care was taken. We know of many crimes that didn’t happen, thanks to a dog who was smart, brave and faithful to his master who always took good dog health care.

Depending upon the locality you live in and how often your dog is let loose, check his ears for ticks and fleas. Clean your dog’s ears at least once a week especially if your dog has drooping ears which makes them more prone to fungal or bacterial infection. You can use a lotion that has been made for this purpose and follow instructions on the label.

Some breed of dogs may require you to pluck the hairs present at the entrance to the ear to allow for air circulation. You can use your fingers or tweezers. Do not hold chunks of hair but hold a few at a time. Your vet will advise you whether this is required or not. Nowadays we also get good dog insurance at a very affordable price.

Healthy Eyes are recognized by them being wide open and shiny. To ensure their continued health, follow the following tips: Use a warm moist soft cloth to wipe the discharge, moving away from your dog’s eyes during it’s regular grooming session or when noticed. Certain of them also have a regular discharge and some are more susceptible to eye infections.

Teeth with no cavities or plaque are definitely healthy teeth. Follow these simple rules to help your dog maintain the health of his teeth. Don’t give hard objects or hard chews to puppies or pull at objects that are held between their teeth because their teeth are soft and not strongly rooted in their gums. If any injury is caused to them at this stage, the adult teeth which are developing close to the baby teeth will either never come or they will not be in the correct position.

Use a dog toothbrush or a soft bristled toothbrush and brush your dog’s teeth using water only at least three times a week. Asking your vet to do this once in a while will also help. Dog toothpaste is available which can be used thrice a week. Some of them are more likely to have dental problems so take your vet’s advice.

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