My Shih Tzu Dog: Making Weird & Funny Noises

Wrigley wants to play and he sure does make it known! He makes funny sounds, paws at you and pulls on yournpants to let you know.

Duration : 0:1:45

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3 Responses to “My Shih Tzu Dog: Making Weird & Funny Noises”

  1. aisling230 says:

    same noise my 1 …
    same noise my 1 makes hahah

  2. garnetred02 says:

    lol my shih tzu
    lol my shih tzu male puppy digs relentlessly at my feet when he wants me to play~ dont you just love them sooo much =))

  3. twinkstance says:

    my shihtzu …

    my shihtzu does the same and even funnier i had him on my lap when watching the video and guess.he started the mhhpfffmmhh noices xd!

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