Recipes for Some Delicacies You Can Cook For Your Shih Tzu

There are gazillion things you can cook for your Shih Tzu. Anything healthy when mixed together in the consistency of a thick, creamy soup will make a great meal for a Shih Tzu. This would include meat, vegetables, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Before you decide to cook some delicacies for your Shih Tzu, ensure that you check with your vet, lest you offer your dog something that it is harmful. Never take chances with your Shih Tzu care.

One Simple yet Very Popular Recipe

It might not be often that you cook delicacies for your Shih Tzu since the right combination of ingredients is often available in the market and hence there is no need to take the trouble to juggle a balanced meal. However, if you like to cook regularly or over the weekend, you may like to consider this delicacy for your Shih Tzu which is easy to cook and freezable for further use.

Take one pink salmon in canned form (Shih Tzu care books advice that dogs be fed fish at regular intervals), two cups of the salmon liquid (from the can), one cup of brown rice, one hard boiled egg chopped very small, about a half cup of vegetables (carrots, peas, spinach, cauliflower, etc), one table spoon of parsley chopped, about two table spoons of cod liver oil and one packet of nori (sea weed sheets used in oriental recipes).

Once you have the ingredients ready, you proceed with the cooking – cook all the ingredients together in a shallow pan; when it is cooked, mash and mix it well. You need not remove the bones of the salmon. Once it cools, spread the mixture over the nori sheet in layers of half an inch, and then roll tightly. Repeat the process until your mixture/ nori sheets finish. Wrap in plastic or aluminum foil and then refrigerate. When they get hard, cut it into bite-sizes and give you Shih Tzu. Watch the delight with which it will eat this delicacy you have made for him.

There are many Shih Tzu care books, which will give you recipes for some delicacies in home made foods. In case you are interested, you can find out from your vet, friends and even the breeder from where you got the dog, about recipes. Shih Tzu care mentions that this dog loves to be pampered – and cooking for it is a great way to do it. If eating habits are under control, grooming your Shih Tzu is the next best way to spoil it.

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