Maltese Shih Tzu Puppies

These puppies are for sale.

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10 Responses to “Maltese Shih Tzu Puppies”

  1. xoxocbrownxhunni3 says:

    soooooooo cut3333 …
    soooooooo cut3333 there so many*0*

  2. hijakau says:

    i have a shitzu …
    i have a shitzu maltese and a shitzu, they had 2 cute puppies and the babies have a real squashed up nose even though they are three quarters shitzu

  3. puppysearch says:

    I am looking for a …
    I am looking for a maltese shih tzu, where are you located and do you have any more litters coming up? Your puppies are so cute!!

  4. TERESEYZ101 says:

    omg!!!! there so …
    omg!!!! there so cute!!!

  5. nsudial says:

    how wild - our two …
    how wild - our two maltese shih tzus are named Max and Daisy!!! Your pups are ADORABLE….just like ours.

  6. CrazyBabe4u2Luv5 says:

    are they still for …
    are they still for sale?

  7. Lilcuteangel20 says:

    im interested in …
    im interested in max or goofy. which will be smaller? if you have an email or phone number that i can contact you would be wonderful! thank you,

  8. Lilcuteangel20 says:

    ooo ya i know i …
    ooo ya i know i wanted a puppy no more then 7 lbs shitzu colors but maltese face. im in florida what about you? do you guys have a website?

  9. criker99 says:

    Max/Goofy are $500 …
    Max/Goofy are $500 - either of those two will be about 9 pounds. The Mom is AKC shih tzu and the dad is AKC maltese. I breed the two to keep them small and to add a little more nose (so they don’t have as many breathing problems as completely smashed face shih tzu) and less prominent eyes, so they are less prone to injury. Where are you located?

  10. Lilcuteangel20 says:

    omg HOW CUTEEEEEEEE!!! how much are the pups? interested in max or goofy! also, how much do the parents weigh?

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