Learning About the Cat Door

Some cat owners decide to install a cat door in their homes. Some people call these cat flaps. Ideally, the cat will come in and out of the cat door on its own will. These pet openings have evolved greatly since the time they were concieved. These days, pet doors are framed with sturdy and versatile plastic or wood. The doors will resist wear and tear caused by the animal using them. There are aspects of an ideal type of cat door which a cat owner should look out for when choosing one.

Size and Form

The size and build of the feline should be considered when buying a cat flap. Some cats are larger than most while others seem quite finely boned that they cannot actually push open a heavy cat door. Regardless of the door, the frame should be easily installed, yet resistant enough to last during different types of weather.

The door can be made of other materials, including glass. Of course, both the door and the frame should be appropriate to the size and the strength of the cat.

Electronic or Magnet-based

These types of cat doors work in coordination with the cat itself. Some doors can sense the presence of the cat through a “key” attached to its collar. This means that the cat wearing the collar will be the only cat that can go inside or outside the house. It can save the cat’s life if it’s being chased by dogs or children. However, if the collar breaks down, the cat is stuck outside (or inside) until the owner opens the door for it. Other doors open when a sensor senses the presence of a cat. Since the features of each cat door vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model, it pays to find specific information about them before making a purchasing decision.

cat door is a very practical idea. This will let the cat come and go by itself. You can even get a cat flap that will open only for your cat.

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