November 19, 2010

TINY Shih-Tzu Jumping On The Bed


she’s 3 years old, and weighs 6 pounds. We never expected her to stay so small, as our last shih-tzu was 16 pounds. And no, she was NOT bred to be small. I would never purchase anything that is labeled “imperial”, as their breeding standards tend to be far from “par”. I just lucked out with this tiny bundle.

She’s doing bed zoomies in this video.

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November 19, 2010

bonessasan @ 1:30 am

@anabanana15100 …
@anabanana15100 Shih tzus’ hair is very easy to handle if you keep them groomed and their hair short. My shih tzu doesn’t shed very much and we rarely find her hairs around the house. As for training, they can be stubborn and it isn’t always easy, but they are trainable. My shih tzu is the first dog I’ve ever had and she’s been a wonderful “starter” dog. Just keep in mind they are prone to certain health issues and be sure you can afford veterinary care. Good luck!

Lindsay52208 @ 1:30 am

omgggg thats the …
omgggg thats the cutest shih tzu ever, and the way he pounces on the bed, wow!:D

anabanana15100 @ 1:30 am

your dog is so cute …
your dog is so cute! i am considering of buying one as well.. any tipps or recommendations? my parents say though that they harry a lot. how are they to handle? i have never been a dog owner before.

NITRO86sp @ 1:30 am

Your camera my eyes …
Your camera my eyes, your dog a dream. Like!!

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