Can you feel puppies in a pregnant dogs belly after 31 days?? Is it possible not to feel anything at this time

Could it be possible the pups are up higher in her rib area??? ..We were told this dog was pregnant when we purchased her…with a due date of October 12 but i am thinking the saler could have lied to us! Extra info it is a Shih Tzu dog. i have a smaller shih tzu that has had a puppy and we could feel little golf ball sized pups at a certain point but this is a bigger Shihtzu (the standard kind not imperial like my other dog)
Umm for the rude person…I didnt lie I own TWO shih tzus dogs…….one smaller breed…and this is a standard bigger dog anyway..that is also a Shih Tzu..people can have two of the same breeds ya know!!! And I have only had a dog have pups twice in my whole life so I consider myself new to this… other small shih tzu only had one pup each time! and sorry typo earlier i meant the seller/kennel i bought this new shih tzu from may have lied to me…but I may be wrong she may end up being pregnant. I look forward to having some pups…an addition to our growing family! :-)

So if she is supposedly due Oct 12, how far is she now? 4 weeks or so? She won't even show until almost six weeks, movement at 7 weeks and strong movement at 8weeks delivery at nine weeks. Most people aren't even sure of a pregnancy until almost 6 weeks along.

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  1. Gems says:

    id take her to the vets for full palipitation, it can be difficult to tell…
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  2. iluvtorofl says:

    So if she is supposedly due Oct 12, how far is she now? 4 weeks or so? She won't even show until almost six weeks, movement at 7 weeks and strong movement at 8weeks delivery at nine weeks. Most people aren't even sure of a pregnancy until almost 6 weeks along.
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  3. katslookup < Rude & Abusive says:

    First, your dog is NOT an "imperial" anything. That is just a puppy mill marketing term.

    Second, GET THE DOG TO THE VET, like I said.

    I own and breed Shih Tzu pups. You can not feel them that early.
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  4. zenithxana says:

    If there is only one or two pups, you may not feel anything at all. Stop squeezing her tummy. You may hurt the puppies.
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  5. Kelly T says:

    If you are quite skilled you may be able to feel them soon (around 35 days). It is more difficult if there are fewer puppies. Also, she could have been pregnant and lost them, or the breeding might not have taken. Usually by the time it is obvious on palpation, you can take an x-ray and see not only if there are puppies, but how many there are, and even sometimes if there are any that have died in utero. Spines are visible at about 45 days. If you want to you can also get an ultrasound. They are very sensitive, so they can be used much earlier than x-rays, but not all vets have them.
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    I'm a vet

  6. Bob Barker's #1 fan says:

    SPAY AND NEUTER your pets please – it's really what's best for them.
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  7. gundoglady says:

    I too am a breeder and those of you that consider yourself a breeder and feel you have to preach to folks about having pups and spay them. You do realize that at one time you were a novice also. Give me a break and try some kind words of advice! Not everyone is a puppymill!

  8. kjalders says:

    Thank you Gundoglady for the kind words I am a novice just starting out in the breeding world and have been trashed and insulted by people accusing me ok puppymilling and Backyard breeding. But not one asked if my dogs are registered (which they are) and not one asked if i am registered with CKC (which i am) It is nice to know that there are still some people that can be nice and give kind words to others just starting out.
    Thank you and kudoos to you for standing out in the crowd

  9. lyn says:

    dont people have anything useful to say other than spay/neuter pets how are ppl meant to get answers to questions they have without these idiots leaving these stupid comments they obviously need to leave the house an get a job rather than scan the internet an leave these comments that no1 wants to hear it seems that they dont know what they’re on about as they are not leaving answers to what people are asking and just write stupid remarks that get on peoples tits so if you are one of these idiots fuck off an get a life…if you cant answer a question then keep your mouths shut f.f.s

  10. lyn says:

    kc reg doesnt mean shit all it means is your pet can be shown and do things like agility…a shih tzu that has pure shih tzu parents is a shih tzu simple as….heres a thort for ya all but 7 shih tzu’s were wiped out during the chinese revolution. all shih tzu’s today no matter where they may be in the world all relate back to the 7 that were saved. i am certain that the 7 that were saved were not kc reg as that weren’t about in those days so does that make those 7 not shih tzu’s because of this. if you purchase a shih tzu and both parents are full pedigree then you have a full ped pup reguardless of kc registration or not. i too am sick to death of ppl accusing ppl of being puppy mills and back yard breeders fair enough if you breed your dog every season or if you have lots of dogs that are locked up in cages etc an only let them out for breeding purposes then yes u fall into these catagories and yes shame on you. but if you only have the 1 female and male and breed them once a yr and only let them have a few litters and if these are pets that you have as part of the family then no you dont fall part of these catagories. anyone can have kc reg dogs and still be puppy mills/ byb KC REG means jack shit really and i’m sure whoever was the founder of kennel club only started kennel club to make money themselves i mean they charge £60 to register your dog once it reaches 1 yr old then they charge £12 per pup, so tell me that kennel club are not on the make and this in a way is no worse than puppymills/byb. yes if your dog is kc you can charge over the odds for a pet, but if you have no interest in showing your dog off and the pet u buy comes with pedigree papers then you still have a pedigree, all the obiedience/flyball/agility training that kc offer you, you can do all this yourself there are plenty orplaces that offer these sort of trainings

  11. Jo says:

    You guys are rediculous! I have a pug that is not registered and she is still a pug. She is like a family member to me and I love her. That is all that matters!

  12. Laura says:

    Totally agree with you guys, KC registered means f all, snobbery, my shih tzu is a pedigree not KC reg but so what!!

  13. Lorraine says:

    If someone comes to you for guidance, for whatever reason, what good does it do anyone, or their dog, to insult and ridicule them? If that had been the attitude of your teacher, your parent or your doctor we would all be in a very sorry situation right now; have a little compassion and understanding. If it gives you some kind of thrill to be so unempathetic, consider yourself not suitable to be a dog owner either.

  14. TJ says:

    Hi all, I need to ask a question, and I’m hoping I wont be insulted and bad-mouthed just like some other people have been on this site. I have two beautiful pugs, male is a tan and female black. My ladybug is pregnant. About two weeks ago I realized she is pregnant; her tummy gave it all away. This morning I felt het tummy (i did not squeeze), i felt it… and there was movement. She has become restless a night. I’ll be taking her to the vet this week. But in the meantime, how far / how many weeks could she possibly be? Any advise will be appreciated.

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