Imperial Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are a breed of dogs that are descended from dogs which were specifically enjoyed by the royal families of China centuries ago. The dog is categorized under the toy category in all the kennel clubs around the world. Although there are slight differences in some of the kennel clubs with regards to the standards of the breed.

Recently, the term imperial Shih Tzu has surfaced and sellers of the so called small Shih Tzu claim that the imperial Shih Tzu is a small version of the elegant breed. What some inexperienced buyers may have overlooked is that the Shih Tzu is already a small breed of dog. Any smaller and it could be a shaggy rat. Achieving an imperial Shih Tzu means that the standard of the Shih Tzu breed is altered. The alterations are clear in the height and the weight of the imperial Shih Tzu.

While the standard Shih Tzu which is acceptable in all kennel clubs emphasize the maximum height of the dog to be around ten inches to ten and a half inches when measured at the withers, many of theimperial Shih Tzu breeders prefer the height to go lower than eight inches at the withers. The standard weight acceptable for most kennel clubs is no less than four pounds and no greater than seven and half pounds. Some kennel clubs are more acceptable regarding weight matters than height.

Disadvantages Of An Imperial Shih Tzu

Many people like to have unusual dogs, which is why the imperial Shih Tzu is something that many like to have. Combined with the very cute look of smaller dogs, the fact that the imperial Shih Tzu has long hair and a very cute face makes them very desirable and fashionable to have.

The imperial Shih Tzu is in reality is an anomaly in the breed standard of Shih Tzus. While it has the potential to look cute and be so adorable, the imperial Shih Tzu can also turn out to be a big problem for owners. The problems stems from the fact that many breeders of the so called imperial Shih Tzupick their male and female dogs from runts of the litter. Since runts are small, these have the tendency of having genetic defects which may be included in their offspring. Many dog breeds have complications when runts of the litter are bred, although, this fact does not mean that all runts of the litter carry defective genes or recessive genes. It just amplifies the fact that they are more prone to defects than other members of the litter.

Another disadvantage of getting an imperial Shih Tzu is the possibility of the dog having issues with its own smallness. Smaller dogs tend to be a bit touchy with their smallness and tend to be a bit aggressive or shy when it comes to this matter. Aggressive behavior and shyness is not actually a trait found in the Shih Tzu but this may be present due to genes or size issues with the imperial Shih Tzu. Shy dogs have a tendency to bite when they feel threatened which may happen more often when the dog is basically smaller than average. This makes the dog a danger to children since kids like to think of the imperial Shih Tzu as a cute doll or plaything that they can carry around or play with roughly.

A Shih Tzu By Any Other Name

There is also a possibility that unscrupulous sellers or breeders are just taking inexperienced buyers for a ride when it comes to the imperial Shih Tzu. Many irresponsible breeders label their puppiesimperial Shih Tzu puppies to create a buzz regarding their size. The thing is there is absolutely no one hundred percent guarantee that a so called imperial Shih Tzu will not mature to an average size Shih Tzu since this is dominant in its genes no matter how small its parents are.

Another possibility is that the puppies which are really small are labeled as imperial Shih Tzu puppies even when they are actually just the average Shih Tzu pups. This deception can be easily carried off by pet store dealers who claim their puppies will grow up smaller than average.

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