Pictures of yorkie/silky terriers and mixes?

I was just pondering all the types of mixes that a yorkie or a silky could make. NO I AM NOT BREEDING MUTTS I’m just curious as to what a yorkie/silky mixed with other dogs (maltese, Shih Tzu etc) would look like. PLEASE POST LINKS TO PICS! (NOT GOOGLE lol)
ALSO if anyone owns a silky, I need ideas for a haircut for mine so PLEASE POST LINKS TO PICS of yours :-)

I have only one picture…its of a Yorkie-poo

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  1. Oracular Bells says:

    I have only one picture…its of a Yorkie-poo
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  2. ladystang says:

    google breed and look at standards
    google breed for pictures
    no one can tell you what a mix will look like, the whole litter could look different
    could look like any of the breeds, a mix or none of the breeds
    you want to know what puppies look like, cute
    of you buy one that comes from breed standard tested parents
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