How long does it take for a Shih Tzu's hair to grow back?

My 7 month old Shih Tzu Sammy went in for a haircut. I told them that I wanted it barely touched. when I returned to pick him up, he was no longer a little fluffy puppy. I'm really sad about it, but of course love him as much as ever. He doesn't even look like the same little fur ball. Sigh…does anyone know how long it would take for his hair to grow back to what it was? He looked like a little bear before, now more like a poodle.

i have 3 shih tzus and they are clipped all year round,i clip them my self and i always take all there coat off and leave them with very little hair.
mine need clipping every 6 weeks because the hair does grow back quickly within the 6 weeks they look like fluffy dogs.
one thing i will say is when you clip a shih zus coat it Will not grow back like it was,i don't know why but my dogs used to have long flowing coats before i clipped them and now when i let it grow back they look like sheep.

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  1. Tina T says:

    I'm sorry your pup got a bad haircut! Keep in mind that shorter hair is more comfortable, especially for puppies! Shih Tzu's hair grows very fast, and it will be back in no time!!
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    I work in a grooming shop.

  2. hebejebe54 says:

    If his diet is adequate, his hair should grow back out at a rate just a little faster than your own–about 3/4 to one inch per month.
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  3. prettyboy_1165 says:

    well, for my shih tzu, we normally let his hair grow for about 6 months, and then we give him a shave… it grows about 5" in 6 months, which makes for a really fluffy puppy:D you can see a picture of him in my photo album(prettyboy_1165), the winter pic is the 6 months grown hair, and the stretched out one is about 4 and a half months.
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  4. aerosmithluvin says:

    About 6 weeks.
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  5. SHAARON K says:

    your Shitzu's hai will grow back in a couple of months, enough to have it clipped again.
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  6. natalie p says:

    shih tzus hair grows back very very fast so it will be back in no time, im sorry to hear they cut your dogs hair to short, i hope you had a moan and a groan at them,, but saying that in this weather im sure the lil dog feels much better witthout its massive coat .
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    hope this is best answer

  7. ice queen says:

    i have 3 shih tzus and they are clipped all year round,i clip them my self and i always take all there coat off and leave them with very little hair.
    mine need clipping every 6 weeks because the hair does grow back quickly within the 6 weeks they look like fluffy dogs.
    one thing i will say is when you clip a shih zus coat it Will not grow back like it was,i don't know why but my dogs used to have long flowing coats before i clipped them and now when i let it grow back they look like sheep.
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  8. Mandy says:

    The exact same thing happened to my Shih Tzu doggie.
    We took her to PetSmart and told them we didn’t want her hair too short.
    But when we came to get her, she was no longer fluffy. D;

    A lot of people are saying that Shih Tzu hair grows back really fast, so that’s good! I expected the hair would take much longer, but I guess not.
    I still love her though. :D!
    I’m sure it’s much easier for her since she doesn’t have that big tangled coat anymore.

  9. educator says:

    I know how u feel. I took my 2 babies for a bath. My mom’s dog needed a groom. I told the woman my 2 needed a bath only. Only mom’s dog needed grooming. I came back the woman had completely shaved my babies too. I was beyond pissed. I’m sorry about your baby’s cut.

  10. Tbaby says:

    I just wanted to sympathize with you. I just took my little Shih Tzu in for what I thought was a puppy cut and got a poodle cut instead. When I saw my little pup I almost didn’t recognize him. Glad to hear their hair grows back pretty fast. I will definitely be giving him a trim myself next time.

    Thanks guys!

  11. Barbie says:

    Shaving a Shih Tzu leaves it open for skin infections and for sunburn in the summer. Sorry folks, but why buy a long haired dog if you do not want to maintain it? A Shih Tzu that is well cared for only needs to be brushed every other day after 18 months. Shaving them ruins the coat and they need to have a lot of care after that. I am not saying you cannot cut the hair into a neat “puppy cut,” if you have an area prone to mud and burrs, but please do not shave them I breed Shih Tzu, own six of my own, and would never shave them.

  12. Vidya says:

    I have a 3 month old puppy and he is just the cutest thing ever. I have been clipping around his eyes and between his toes myself. I have vowed never to shave him as his coat is so pretty. It really does not take alot of time to brush him. I hate seeing some of the Shih Tzus with barely any hair on them. I personally believe that you should not have a Shih Tzu if you cannot take care of them properly…

  13. Suzanne says:

    I just picked my 3 month old shih tzu up from the groomer. I asked that just the hair around the eyes be cleaned up, and the face rounded a little so he could see. When I picked him up, I didn’t even recognize him! They cut his muzzle sooo short and the top of his head was cut flat, not rounded. He doesn’t even look like a puppy, let alone a shih tzu anymore. Next time, I will do better research on groomers, if there will be a next time! I might grow his hair out now just to avoid the outcome of scizzor happy groomers!

  14. Janet says:

    Am sorry to hear what happened to your doggie, the same thing happened to my baby. I just took my 8 month shih-tzu to shaggys dog groom. I told the women to cut it just 2 inches, when I came back to pick him up he was completely bare!! He look totally different and he did not look like my dog. Next time I will do it myself.

  15. Alexa says:

    My puppy went today to get her haircut. And they also cut to much off. We love her with long hair she just doesn’t look the same. I was just wanted to know how your puppy’s hair is growing out?

  16. Nathan Kinlough says:

    Ya, my parents shaved off my shih tzu’s forhead (nothing else), and now he isnt a little puffy fluffster. I would think about a month, and he should look like normal again

  17. Christy says:

    Your comments were most helpful. I just adopted a shih tzu. Everyone was telling me to shave her hair off but I agree…why have a shih tzu if you’re going to eliminate the hair? What I’d like to know is the fringe around the eyebrow.
    It was long enough to hang in her eyes but not long enough to go up in the bow. Do I just “hang” in there? Does that hair belong in the bow?

  18. Susan S. says:

    We brought our little guy to Pet Smart for a trim around the face and his sanitary area….oh my when we picked him up it didn’t even look like our little fluff ball…I was so upset….he looks like a totally different dog….I want his fluff back especially since it’s getting cooler outside….he just looks sad!

  19. Sarah says:

    i read thru most of the posts on here…and being a groomer of ten years myself i wanted to put my two cents in. the following info i didnt write myself, however i fully agree with it.

    Why do groomers always shave my dog?
    When dogs are matted, groomers will generally shave the dog. This is done for the sake of the dog. It is painful and stressful to ask a dog to sit still for a lengthy period of time and have a metal brush repeatedly taken over his skin. It causes brush burn in many cases. In order to save the dog from a very stressful situation, groomers will generally shave the dog. Most importantly, I try to make the customer fully aware prior to their leaving that the dog will be shaved. There are no shocks or upsets upon returning when owners have been told that the dog will be shaved. Owners can expect to pay an additional fee for severely matted dogs. It is a painstaking procedure to do safely and properly. A dog’s skin is thin like tissue paper. When the coat is matted, the skin becomes loose and hangs due to the weight of the matting. When passing clippers over the body, the skin will often slip between the blades of the clippers resulting in a terrible cut.

    What are mats? My dog is not matted?!
    As professionals, we have our hands in every different type of dog hair that there is. For this reason, we can see matting from 50 miles away. For some unknown reason, many dog owners have absolutely no idea that their dog has any mats whatsoever, or the extent of the mats. This is very common. When we separate the top layer of hair that is often brushed and combed out nicely, we then expose the matting underneath. Owners are often completely shocked at what they see before their eyes.

    How can this be avoided?
    Bring the dog in for professional grooming every 4-6 weeks. By doing this we are able to get out any trouble areas and maintain a clean and healthy coat. You will ensure that you will be able to maintain the look and the style that you want by doing this. Also any areas of concern will be brought to the owner’s attention. For example, if the ears are looking red and angry, brown and smelly. Brush and comb your dog on a regular basis. A Bichon with average hair length should be brushed at least 20 minutes 3 to 4 times each week between regular grooming visits.

  20. gale lewin says:

    i own a female myself and i agree with you. I love my dog very much, I brush her everyday and take the best care of her.

  21. julie humphreys says:

    i understand about what was said about mats but i took my 2 shih tzus in for a trim and was devistated at the way they came back even there ears had being shaved i know my younger one had a few mats but not the older one they looked terrible i allways normally get them home groomed first and last time at a groomer my advice is to have a home groomer then you are there to see what is going on i complained on phone to groomer who had the nerve to send police to my door im only pleased that when they came they could see my problem never ever is my babies getting cut out of my home if they ever grow gutted

  22. Cheryl says:

    I just left the groomer about an hour ago and my little girl looks like a totally different dog. I was made aware of the matting and the need to shave her. I arrived a little earlier to pick her up and she still hd a head full of hair. and I was at least happy about that. The groomr saw the saddness in my face and I expressed to her that although I understand the need I really didn’t like it. She asked if I wanted her head layered instead of the top knot. I agreed to have it layered but had no idea when I returned that her head was going to be shaved as well. I was sooo upset I felt like crying. I still don’t understand why the groomer would do that when they know perfectly well I love my dog fluffy. I will never take my Zoie back to that groomer EVER again. I’m glad to hear that the hair typically grows back 1-2 months.

  23. fluffyonthenuttz says:

    whilst i have all the sympathy with you ppl who have had bad times, as i too have a shih tzu and i would be devo’d if i got something i didn’t want. i really do have to say this page is hysterical. i am in floods of tears with laffter in eading sum ovf these posts. i also have to say that i agree whilst my shih tzu is gorgeous an cute all fluffed up the fur underneath next to the skin gets so mattered an its unnoticable unless you are stroking your dog, an while i would love to brush her all the time her fur is so thick i cant find a suitable brush/comb that will go thru the thickness so yea shaved is defo better and another bonus with the shaved fur is you can see if your dog has picked up any fleas or tics etc whilst in the park.

  24. Piper says:

    I also own a shih tzu and I used to bring him to a pro to be groomed but after being disappointed numerous times decided to try doing it myself. It’s a long tedious job but worth it to have it done the way I like it. I will say this though, after reading all the posts and hearing so many of you go on about how “devastated” you were to find your pets hair trimed so short, if you don’t like the way the groomers do it then do it yourself. Stop whining about it. It’s only hair for goodness sake and it will grow back befor you know it. There are worse things in the world than a bad haircut! Have you never heard of the saying “the only difference between a good hair cut and a bad haircut is two weeks!” BTW, if you did try doing it yourself I think you may have a whole new respect for what a groomer actually does. It’s not the easiest dog to groom and to make matters worse they have to listen to the owners gripe over something not worth griping about.

  25. daisy says:

    it takes maybe 6 to8 weeks to let your shih tzu’s hair grow long i have 2 shih tzu’s one of them is the mom and the other is the baby when she was first born it took 6 weeks to grow her hair like meduim now it growing really long be sure to brush there hair because if you do not it cause’s tangles in the hair and the hair will not really grow and if the shihtzu has tangle i recomend you to go get her or him to get a hair cute because thats not good to have tangle =[

  26. daisy says:

    shampoo there fur really good and be sure to brush remember or not it cause’s tangles ! =[

  27. Barbara Dobson says:

    I just took my 2 year old baby girl in to be washed and trimmed, on the rear and paws. She has never been cut and her hair was just to the floor and gorgeous. My groomer that I had been using for a while called and said to wait she would be longer she was still dematting her and she didn’t want to shave her.
    When I showed an hour later my dog was in the kennel and I could only see her face I paid and ran out with her when I put her down at home I was mortified she had left the head with long hair and shaved the rest off except for a few strands of long hair hanging down on the sides. There were chunks where she had gone across the coat and hacked off hair. I comb her regularly and she may have only had a few mats from over night. If the groomer knew you are to comb out a Shih Tzu before bathing this wouldn’t have happened I believe too many groomers are just lazy when it comes to long hair dogs and take the easy way out. I’m doing it myself from now on. I have 3 little Shih’s

  28. emzie96 says:

    i have a 2 year old maltese shitzu. but he just looks shih tzu with the small body and squashed face!but he is very cute. when we get him cut we let the groomer do what ever but we ask for the shortest cut , but he never comes home looking the same=[he is always short after a cut .but they have to cut him short because he has lots of knots. so we started not putting his color on him so he wouldent get knoty at the neck. it work and we stared brushing he every day but after a few monthes he just got all knoty!we dont no why but shih tzu’s (any tipe of long haired dog) needs consternt bushing! also when you bath your dog go 1 why when washing go down it in a patting motion or with a cloth,because it does knot them. if you want a long cut on your shih tzu get a flee comb is the longest cut where i is used with a flee comb but your shih tzu or other dog hair has to have no knotes! the place i got to is in wa perth spearwood vet on rockingham road or dakota paws .these are pretty good ones.if you want a shitzu cut ask 4 long ears long tale and short body.

  29. emzie96 says:

    sorry i mean we ask 4 the longest cut!