Grooming (Timelapse Tucker)

This is one of the first videos I made and it was too long to put on here so instead of not using it I sped it up and edited it a little so that you all can still watch it. It isn’t educational in any way it is purely for entertainment. Hope you enjoy!!!

Duration : 0:9:31

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9 Responses to “Grooming (Timelapse Tucker)”

  1. spanielmom93 says:

    @angeltinaplus …
    @angeltinaplus Already have one up, just find my Yorkie video.

  2. angeltinaplus says:

    very nice work, is …
    very nice work, is it possible to show how to do a yorkie rounded face?

  3. spanielmom93 says:

    Just a leave in …
    Just a leave in conditioner to help with static. :)

  4. fluffykat1 says:

    What product did …
    What product did you spray on your hands and put on his head?

  5. shell12345678 says:

    Awesome video! you …
    Awesome video! you are truly talented! Can I ask you where you got the table, and scissors from brand? How long do you think it will take a person to get to be as fabulous a groomer as you? i would like to add to request s-for all 3 sizes of poodles- blow dry brush out and clean feet-continental and puppy trims.Thank-you so much!! I have asked questions in the past and you have always answered you are an awesome person and groomer.:)

  6. spanielmom93 says:

    Yes it is a pain. I …
    Yes it is a pain. I did Tucker for about a year then left that groom shop and started working from home, about 6months later Tuckers Mom contacted me because she didn’t care for the other groomer at the old shop. She actually had a friend who works for the utilities look me up so she could find me LOL Tucker got scared on the first day at my house and tried to bite me to protect his litte brother Buster. ;( He got over it really quick when he remembered who I was. Now he loves to come see me. :)

  7. cazkelly1986 says:

    I hate it when …
    I hate it when someone brings a dog to you on and off, coz they have to be allowed to get used to you then just when they do, the owners take them somplace else grr. All your dogs are so well behaved btw

  8. spanielmom93 says:

    Thanks! He is an …
    Thanks! He is an awesome dog for sure! Tucker has come to me off and on for about two years now.

  9. ru4finz says:

    What a good dog! …
    What a good dog! Your grooming job is beautiful.

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